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September 4, 2015 -- The massacre of nine churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina has been embedded in the American mindset by the media.

Ignored by the national press was the wholesale slaughter of five white people one year ago. The murders occurred in a quiet south Kansas City, Mo. neighborhood.

The suspect in that massacred -- Brandon Howell -- is facing the death penalty.

Howell is accused of robbing and beating George and Ann Taylor, then attempting to flee in the couple's green Jaguar. Howell was confronted by Alice Lorene Hurst and her son Darrel Hurst, allegations claim.

In addition to gunning down the four white people, Howell also is accused of killing Susan Choucroun.

• The crime of hate and greed has been wholly ignored by the national media. It simply doesn't fit the cultural Marxism narrative that white are the oppressing bourgeois and blacks are their oppressed proletariat.

The predatory left has created a false reality in the American mindset that imagines whites are racist with a history of violence against non-whites, particularly blacks. In reality the opposite is true: Blacks have a long history of committing violent crimes against whites in America; a trend that continues.

Contrary to the Marxist myth, blacks committed 52.2 percent of homicides in the United States.

The crime occurred Sept. 2, 2014 and the trial is set to begin  in Sept., 2015.

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It was one year ago Wednesday that five murders rocked a south Kansas City neighborhood.

Now the Woodbridge Neighborhood Association is remembering its fallen neighbors with the unveiling of a memorial at Woodbridge Lane and Wornall Road.

Kansas City Mayor Sly James and Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker dedicated the Circle of Life memorial about 6:30 p.m.

"For them to come and do this is a wonderful thing," said resident Gia Desico.

They’ve placed the memorial so that it is the first thing people will see when pulling onto the street because the five deaths are something no one will forget.

"Lightning struck our neighborhood," said HOA president Rick Mayer. "The way these people lost their lives so innocently that we just didn't want to forget."

George and Ann Taylor were beaten in their Kansas City home near Woodbridge Lane. They died almost one week later. Alice Lorene Hurst, her son Darrel Hurst and Susan Choucroun were all gunned down.

"You would have never guessed in a million years that they would have died like that," Desico said.

Brandon Howell is now facing 12 felony charges in connection to the deaths, including three counts of first-degree murder. Police and prosecutors say his crime spree started when he tried to rob the Taylors and take off with their green Jaguar. That’s when police say he was confronted by Hurst and her son, who he shot and killed. Witnesses say Choucroun then confronted Howell and he also shot her.

"So senseless. I think that the memorial represents never forgetting," Mayer said.

The memorial also includes two benches that invite anyone in the Woodbridge community to sit on as they mourn and never forget.

"You'll always remember these people because it was such a tragedy," Desico said.

Recently Baker announced she’ll be seeking the death penalty for Howell. It’s her first time since becoming prosecutor in 2011. Howell’s trail is scheduled for September 2017.

The last death penalty conviction in Jackson County was in 2008.

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  1. Marxists, when confronted with the 52.2% stat, insist that they didn't get fair trials and were arrested on trumped up charges by racist police - more "systemic racism" they say. You just can't win with them, so don't even waste your time.