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September 7, 2015 -- Labels are important to leftists.

Muslim insurgents are labeled "refugees" while patriots are re-branded as "Nazis."

It one method the predatory left uses to reset the mindset of Westerners in Europe.

Referring to insurgents as 'migrants' is a mortal sin.

That appears to be the conclusion of aging rocker Bono who told a crowd gathered for a media stunt that insurgents should be considered "refugees."

Aging rocker Bono plays on the pathological altruism of Westerners as he displays willful ignorance by describing insurgents as "refugees."

Bono fails to acknowledge that Arab nations could easily accommodate "refugees." He prefers to pretend that the displacement of Western culture is a humanitarian mandate.

He also claims that insurgents prefer to live in their own homelands.

Not everyone is fooled.

Patriots continued to defend the integrity of their homelands, but are routinely stigmatized as "Nazis" by the predatory left and mainstream Marxist media.

Warning: The video below should be consider extreme left-wing propaganda. Patriots are portrayed as a sparse group of loons who want to pack the English Channel tunnel with insurgents and blow them up. Compassionate leftists jeer from the sideline, stigmatizing the patriots as Nazis.

Note the left-wing protesters in the news video are careful to exclude people of color from their ranks. The impression is that rational white people favor displacing Western culture with Islamic insurgents.

While Western culture is being displaced in Europe, it is also be displaced in the United States by Hispanic insurgents.

The objective of Marxism is to erase the economic disparity between Western culture and Third-world nations by dismantling the Western infrastructure, a reality hinted at by Bono.

It is succeeding as Europeans and Americans are believing the cult-like diatribes of Bono and other leftists masquerading as humanitarians.

Bono delivered his anti-Western his hate speech at Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy. Bono is a native Irishman.

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  1. good tunes, brain still in the 80s, friends with bill clinton good goyim.

  2. Bono looks absolutely horrible. I've seen 70 year olds who look better. He's not a lot older than I am, but he looks like he's easily got 20 years on me. I guess that unresolvable psychic tension between delusional liberal beliefs and his slowly growing awareness of social and economic realities is really playing a number on him. Sean Penn's got it too, he looks like a not especially well-preserved 75 year old.

  3. Morrisey is another increasingly hideous Anglo/Irish pop star who lives in a bubble of airtight Cultural Marxist delusion. I suspect some sort of Dorian Grey paradigm is at work. And have you seen Siobhan what's-her-face lately, that formerly bald Irish singer chick from the 90s? She looks like the wife of the Grim Reaper. Liberals don't age well.

  4. Sinead, Siobhan, whatever. Sinatra used to call her "that bald chick", and that's good enough for me.