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September 4, 2015 --  Click here to read the orginal article on

24 Questions Black People Have for White People is a viral video making its rounds on social media. It was that video that prompted the following 20 politically incorrect questions white people have for black people. 

Click here to listen to part 1 of 4 on YouTube
The logic? If they can ask us, we can ask them.

You may also watch and listen as I present the questions via my radio show as posted on YouTube. Click here to watch.

Question 1 – Why do you demand we have a conversation about race, then tell white people to shut up and listen while you lecture us? 

Former U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric Holder notoriously insisted our nation engage in a serious conversation about race. I agree. However, every time I join the conversation I am shushed by blacks who call me a racist and demand I listen to their lectures.

Example: It’s socially responsible when you make a video with questions for white people but racist when we write an article with questions for black people.

Question 2 – Why can’t white people play black characters in movies?

A black James Bond is perfectly acceptable. But imagine the outrage were Robert Downey, Jr. to accept the role of Shaka, chief of the African Zulu tribe, in a cinematic production.

Question 3 – Why do you die your hair red?

Click here to listen to part 2 of 4 on YouTube
One of few rational points made by the late Malcom X was his insistence that black women embrace their natural beauty. Dying your hair red looks silly. Stop it!

Question 4 – Why do you wear hair hats?

This extends the previous question. If the shoe fits wear it, they say. That’s not necessarily true of wigs. If it looks natural, wear it. If it doesn’t; don’t. This principle was understood by Saundra Williams, the first winner of the Miss Black America pageant in 1968. Williams displayed her natural beauty with style and self-confidence.

Question 5 – What makes you think you are owed reparations?

White Americans didn’t invent slavery. What’s more, black historian Henry Louis Gates notoriously said on a C-SPAN interview that there wouldn’t be a slave trade were it not for black Africans selling black Africans. “Africans sold other Africans to white people. That was the slave trade,” he said. “That’s the first thing we have to honestly admit.” Read Gates’ op-ed, “Ending the Slavery” Blame Game, here.

Question 6 – Why can’t you own up to your criminal past?

52.2 percent of homicides in America were committed by blacks, nearly all black males ages 18 to 49 who comprise about 4 percent of the population. Why can’t you admit that? [Source; see page 62.]

Question 7 – Why do you hate the Confederate flag?

Click here to listen to part 3 of 4 on YouTube
The Confederate flag represents a government that allowed slavery. However, the tribal governments that ruled sub-Saharan Africa for generations also allowed slavery as did the Union prior to the Civil War.  If the Confederate flag is offensive, then the term “African American” is also offensive.

Question 8 – Why can’t you acknowledge that white people elected a black president?

The Electoral College effectively canceled every vote cast by black Americans living in red states. Therefore, after generations of punishing white Americans for allegedly stifling the black vote, liberals and other brain-dead voters (some literally) repented and elected Barrack Obama. It’s tragic, but true. Without white people there would be no black president. Is that so hard to admit?

Question 9 – Why do you hate white affinity groups?

There are literally thousands of black affinity groups ranging from black professional associations to labor unions. White people, however, are deemed racists when they do the same. Why the inconsistency?

Question 10 – Why are you obsessed about 40 acres and a  mule?

Seriously? Do you really want Uncle Sam to send you a mule via FedEx?

Question 11 – Why do you demand we be color blind while you incessantly talk about “people of color?”

Click here to listen to part 4 of 4 on YouTube
Perhaps it’s time to revisit the notion of judging others by character content rather than skin tone.

Question 12 – Why do you use the “n” word?

If it’s wrong for us, it’s wrong for you. Stop using the “n” word!

Question 13 – Why do you not acknowledge white innovation and life enhancements? 

Look around you. At this very moment you are surrounded by innovations created by white people. Why can’t we admit that? Western technology saved millions of lives by effectively eradicating the Ebola virus in Africa. It’s saved millions of black lives by discovering how to inject insulin. It provides countless life enhancements that we take for granted. The telephone, automobile, airplane, computer, and Air Jordans are all white inventions that black people use daily.

Question 14 – Why do you insist on being a race of victims?

Black Americans have the highest standard of living of any black people anywhere on the planet. You routinely use technology unavailable to the wealthiest people of bygone generations. So why dwell on victimization?

Question 15 – Why do you follow us if we are so oppressive?

If white people are oppressive racists, why do black Africans risk their lives to live among us?

Question 16 – What’s up with the weird baby names? 

I understand that “weird” is relative, but it seems a bit hypocritical to complain about racial profiling in hiring while demanding a color-blind society, then assign obvious ethnic names to your children.

Question 17 – Why do some black lives matter more than others?

Literally hundreds of thousands of black lives are lost each generation to black-on-black murder. Add to that the astounding number of black children slain in abortion clinics. It seems the only black lives that matter to the predatory left are those whose deaths can be exploited.

Question 18 – Why do white lives in Zimbabwe and South Africa not matter?

Do this: Google the search term “South Africa farm murders;” then click the “images” button.

Question 19 – Why is it so hard to acknowledge your privilege?

We are privileged to live at this point in time in human history. What’s more, we are privileged to live in the most technologically advanced and prosperous society that has ever existed. Let’s acknowledge it. Let’s be grateful rather than hateful.

Question 20 – Why do you call yourselves “African Americans”?

Have you even been to Africa? 

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