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August 6, 2015 -- She was heard screaming 'let me go' moments before falling 14 stories to her death.

Dora Matthews's partner is facing life in prison for shoving her out a small window of a high rise apartment in London, England.

A court found David Douglas, 44, guilty this week of murdering his 43-year-old partner.

Security video cameras captured the image a Douglas fleeing the seen barefoot and carrying a can of beer.

"The victim suffered 'multiple and complex fractures to all parts of the body' following the deadly push. But it was impossible to tell if she had sustained any injuries before the fall," our source article reported.

To Dora Matthews, diversity was no strength. It was her downfall.

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An 'angry and obsessive' thug is facing life in jail for shoving his girlfriend to her death through a 14th floor window.

Dora Matthews, 43, was heard screaming 'let me go' moments before she plummeted to the pavement from the living room window of the flat in Wood Green, north London.

Long-term partner David Douglas, 44, was caught on CCTV a few minutes later fleeing the building barefoot and clutching a can of lager.

The couple had a turbulent relationship and had been arguing in the early hours of the morning shortly before Ms Matthews was killed, a court heard.

Douglas denied murder but was found guilty by a jury after nearly ten hours of deliberation. He now faces a lengthy jail sentence or even life in prison.

Prosecutor Mark Dennis QC said the victim was heard screaming before she dropped from a 'comparatively small' window in the living room of Douglas' 14th floor flat.

'The only person who could have forced her out of that window, whether by physical manhandling or pushing her or by putting her into a state of such extreme fear of lethal violence that she in effect backed out of the window was this defendant,' he said.

'The prosecution allege that this was no accident, nor was it an act of suicide, rather it was an unlawful killing at the hands of an angry and obsessive man who could not control his violent temper following a prolonged and heated argument.

The court heard that Ms Matthews had been in a 'volatile' five-year relationship with Douglas, who she had a restraining order against, before the fatal night in December 2013.

'She had spent much of that night with her boyfriend, the defendant, who lived in a flat on the 14th floor, said Mr Dennis.

'Their relationship was of long-standing, however, it had been one which has been described both as 'volatile' and 'abusive'.

'That night people in neighbouring flats had heard the sounds of a terrible argument going on between Dora and the defendant.

'In the period leading up to this fall she was heard to be shouting at him to 'leave me alone', repeatedly shouting 'stop' and then just before the fatal event 'let me go' and 'get off me'.'

Douglas was previously convicted on five occasions for offences that related to his relationship with Ms Matthews and at time 'demonstrated an almost obsessive attitude' towards his lover.

The victim suffered 'multiple and complex fractures to all parts of the body' following the deadly push. But it was impossible to tell if she had sustained any injuries before the fall.

Her body had been discovered in the car park of the apartments by a passerby at shortly before 5am on the morning of Thursday December 19.

It appeared as though she was attempting to flee the flat shortly before her death, the coroner was told.

Mr Dennis said: 'To his horror, he saw lying on the ground the lifeless body of a woman.

'He immediately raised the alarm and within minutes the Emergency Services were on the scene; there was, however, nothing that could be done by the as the woman had dropped from the fourteenth floor of the block of flats and she would in all likelihood have been killed instantly upon impact with the ground.

'The woman, Dora Matthews, was fully dressed and wearing her outdoors jacket when found and she had her car keys still in her hand as she lay there on the ground.

'It would appear that, just before the fall, she had been in the process of trying to leave the flats in order to go to her car which was parked in the car park in order to return home or possibly to go to her nearby place of work.'

After the body was found, police launched a manhunt for Douglas who eventually turned himself in at his local station.

Mr Dennis said: 'Throughout the remainder of the day police made efforts to find the defendant.

'Shortly after 8:30pm he finally emerged, walks into Tottenham Police Station where he appeared to break down and become hysterical.

'One he had calmed down he was arrested on suspicion of murder, to which he responded 'murder, p**s off, are you mad?'.'

Giving evidence, Douglas told the court they had left his flat twice that evening to stock up on cocaine and beers, spending as much as £100 on the party drug during the second trip.

Ms Matthews, a cleaner, was described as 'a very open-hearted person (who) was full of life' with no previous evidence of suicidal thoughts.
Douglas is expected to be sentenced shortly.

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