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August 4, 2015 -- One of two brothers accused of killing three white people during a 2013 home invasion is exempt from the death penalty.

A judge ruled that Michael Deon Hendon, 23, is intellectually disabled and, consequently, ineligible to face the death penalty.

Hendon is accused of killing Ashley Carpenter, 18, her brother David Kohler Carpenter, 14, and their father, John Kohler, 42, at their Barberton, Ohio home.

The crime occurred New Year's Eve, 2013.

News reports say Hendon flunked kindergarten that his IQ at age 8 was 69.

Hendon's trial begins Wednesday, August 5, 2015.

• The predator left assures us that the infamous Bell Curve is flawed; that the apparent intelligence disparity between black and white Americans is bogus.

However, intellectual disability re-emerges when convenient, such as a defense argument in violent crime trials.

52.2% of homicides in America were committed by blacks; nearly all by black males ages 18 to 49 who comprise about 4 percent of the population.

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A judge has ruled that a 23-year-old Akron man is intellectually disabled and ineligible to face the death penalty in the 2013 New Year’s Eve slayings of two Barberton teens and their father.

The aggravated murder trial of Michael Deon Hendon, one of two Akron brothers indicted for the crime, was scheduled to begin Wednesday with jury selection in Summit County Common Pleas Court.

After a hearing on the matter Tuesday, Judge Amy Corrigall Jones rescheduled jury selection to Aug. 12 and 13, with opening statements Aug. 18.
Hendon and his older brother, Eric Donta Hendon, 32, were both charged in capital murder indictments with the shooting deaths of Ashley Carpenter, 18, her brother David Kohler Carpenter, 14, and their father, John Kohler, 42, at their 7th Street Southwest home in Barberton on Dec. 31, 2013.

Kohler’s girlfriend, Ronda Blankenship, now 39, also was shot at the home but survived. She is expected to be a key state’s witness in both trials.

Eric Hendon still faces the death penalty. His trial is set to begin Oct. 13 in Jones’s court.

Earlier this week, Jones issued a 30-page written order, finding that Michael Hendon had “experienced significant limitations” in two or more adaptive skills well before the age of 18

Those findings were based, in part, on three days of court hearings last month on whether his mental fitness should subject him to the death penalty.

In siding with the defense claim that Michael Hendon is intellectually disabled, Jones wrote that having him face execution would violate the U.S. Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment in the Eighth Amendment.

Jones, according to her order, based her findings on Hendon’s social and medical history, his behavioral and academic records, school tests and reports, Summit County Children Services records, family background and testimony in last month’s court hearings.

Michael Hendon was born in 1991 “addicted to crack cocaine,” Jones wrote, with additional documentation that his mother “abused alcohol” when she was pregnant with him.

In an exhaustive review of his school records, Jones said he spent two years in kindergarten, and that at age 8 in 2000, his full-scale IQ in the Akron Public Schools system’s Wechsler Intelligence test was 69.

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  1. THIS DEMONSPAWN knew exactly what he was doing , hold his hand on an open flame can he feel

    heat I bet he knows not to do that,does he walk around in below zero weather buck naked

    no I bet he doesn't,would he stick a loaded pistol in his mouth and do society a favor I think not. he knows WTF he did is wrong cut the bullshit and execute this POS. they

    tried to murder everyone in the house that sounds like they were making sure no one could identify them "covering their tracks

    " why because they didn't want any witness to identify them sounds like a modicum of intelligence in there somewhere. if

    they are found to be deficient at a young age are we to assume that this is what we are to expect from these savages then

    keep them separated from the general population to stop this kind of inexcusable savagery he needs too be put down like

    the feral savage he is, if the corrupt justice system can't see this, justice is truly blind he should not be allowed to see the

    light of day ever again or breathe one more breath of air as a free savage. if the races were reversed this would be as popular

    as the Dylan Roof church shooting this jewish controlled media is complicit in letting these parasites prey on us .ask

    anyone you know who doesn't

    frequent internet blogs I bet you a million bucks they never heard of these killings but everyone knows DYLAN ROOF'S

    entire life story that's what started this all this bullshit about the confederate flag , how many Whites must die before we

    come together and voice our own demands!!!!!!!!

  2. FINE! Lock em up for life in jail and when he discovers his senses, put em on death row!

  3. If low IQ is the criteria, then most blacks could never be executed, which is probably as the SJWs of our "justice" system intended.