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August 27, 2015 -- Privileged white liberals pretend to care about the plight of black Americans.

However -- with few exceptions -- these same compassionate white liberals avoid black neighborhoods and would never consider relocating to a black housing project where they may freely redistribute their white privilege.

Occasionally white liberals will create their own enclave of restored historic homes in urban areas. There they display yard signs touting Hillary while discreetly plastering rainbow decals in their windows; an outward expression of their unity with other compassionate pin heads.

Such urban enclaves include token minorities and are usually surrounded by towering fences; the quintessential gated communities.

Beyond those gates they seldom venture at night. There are no trips to the 7-Eleven where they must confront the Pakistani behind the bullet-proof, barred window. They will never be seen rolling the Prius up to the pumps late at night.

The video below explains their reticence.

The video is age restricted due to the violence liberals pretend doesn't exist and is never included in white guilt movies.

Welcome to the real world!

 Click on image to view video
Click on image to view video

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  1. If negroes want to do this to each other, fine. I draw the line when humans are injured.