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August 22, 2015 -- Hordes of hundreds crushed past police in Macedonia this week as they crossed the border with Greece.

Macedonia had earlier sealed its border due to being overwhelmed with illegal aliens escaping Africa and the Middle East.

The crowd, estimated to be over 1,000, pressed through the border during a brief opening.

Reports say police fired plastic bullets and tear gas in an effort to control the rush of migrants attempting to enter the nations of their former colonial masters.

Macedonia had earlier declared a state of emergency as it prepared to deploy its army to deal with the flood of aliens already overwhelming the nation.

• The objective of globalism is to erase the economic disparity between Third World and Western nations by transforming the West to third-world status.

The media say refugees are fleeing poverty, crime, and war in their home nations. In reality, Africa has been plagued with those conditions for centuries. Illegal aliens are invading Europe for one reason: lax border control caused by the lack of resolve by European governments to deal effectively with illegal immigration.

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At least 10 people were receiving medical aid, after an attempt by Macedonian police to allow crowds of refugees to cross a busy border post at the Greek border resulted in a crush.
The border had been sealed since Thursday, after Macedonia was overwhelmed with migrants.

Reuters reported that screams were heard from the crowd, as over 1,000 people jostled in an attempt to get through. Medical personnel tried to revive those who had passed out, or were hurt in the squeeze.

Earlier, Macedonian police said they were re-opening the border, following Thursday’s emergency decree, but did not specify how many would be allowed through, possibly sparking the panic.

"We are allowing entry to a number that matches our capacity to transport them or to give them appropriate medical care and treatment," police spokesman Ivo Kotevski told Reuters.

Earlier on Friday, police fired tear gas and plastic bullets, after the migrants attempted to storm the border post. Riot police have been deployed at the checkpoint and barbed wire rolled out.

The country says it has given 181 temporary travel documents to “vulnerable” migrants in the past 24 hours, a relatively small number that is likely to result in a backlog of thousands at the border if the policy is continued for several more days.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has urged Greece to “provide urgent assistance to people on the Greek side of the border, and help them move to reception facilities away from the border.”

Commissioner Antonio Guterres said he has also personally spoken with Macedonia’s foreign minister, and "received assurances the border will not be closed in the future."

While Macedonia itself is not in the European Union, it has become a popular transit point for migrants streaming in from Greece. Last month, 39,000 illegal immigrants, mostly from Syria, crossed the country, twice as many as the month before.

The migrants travel through a barely-guarded border with Serbia, also not an EU member, and then into Hungary, which is part of the EU. From there, the migrants travel through the Schengen visa-free zone to Germany, Scandinavia, the UK, and other well-off northern European destinations.

Budapest has ordered a fence to be constructed along its Serbian border. This has created a last-minute rush among the illegal migrants in Greece. The UN has said that this year crisis-hit Greece has received over 160,000 migrants, through the sea routes alone, predominantly from Syria, Libya and Afghanistan.

The European Commission urged European countries to show greater co-operation in deciding where to re-settle refugees.

"We can only succeed if we work together on this, not against each other,” Annika Breidthardt, the Commission spokesperson, said in a statement.

The EU Commission has also refuted German accusations that it was not doing enough to solve the crisis.

"The proposals are all on the table. It's time that member states adopted them,” said Breidhardt.

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  1. Khaddafi's revenge. He used to stop the invaders in Libya, and detain them or send them back. He warned us what would happen if he was removed.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for all the information and news thats been happening across the pond...I am Brit and have found your truful views on race/liberalism refreshing...All you are doing is stating the facts for what they are nothing else nothing more!!
    I never bought into white guilt and poverty for excuses for some of the crimes commited both here and in America by blacks etc..
    As you can imagine, over here the media still portrays the whites as all supporters of KKK and racists and that blacks are always being oppressed, luckily for me when younger i visited the States and for many years have kept up with the news across the pond and have not been brainwashed by the BBC.
    Take care and keep the good work...
    Keep a stiff upper lip!!!!!!

  3. Don't they have machine guns in Macedonia? Time to start using them on these mostly-Muslim invaders. At least the Eastern Europeans are trying to stop the destruction of their culture by the bleeding-heart socialists of Western Europe. The old Soviet Bloc might be looking pretty good to them right about now, when at least they controlled who crossed their borders.