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August 8, 2015 -- Let's create a new neologism: Cultural correctness. 

It's seen in Target department stores where references to gender have been removed from children's products; clothes being the sole exemption.

There are no more toys designated for girls.

According to the change came after an Ohio mom complained about “Girls’ Building Sets.” Her complaint was followed by a storm of rage demanding the department store rid itself of gender biased labeling.

Sounds like an organized, AstroTurf  uprising.

Then, again, there may actually be hordes of Americans whose minds are so infected by the cultural Marxism virus that their perceptions are demented.

• Meanwhile, men pretending to be a women (called transgender in the cultural correctness lexicon) are dominating women's sports. That leaves women unable to compete. Fallon Fox, you'll recall, made news earlier this summer when he pounded Tamikka Brents in a mixed martial arts (MMA) bout. Fox left Brents with damaged orbital bone after a total knock out (TKO) in just over two minutes.

When will women realize that neo-feminism is unrelated to traditional feminism and has nothing to do with women's rights?

Women's colleges are closing after lawsuits forced them to accept male students.

Neo-feminism is not now nor has it ever been advocating for women. It has always exploited feminism to achieve the Marxist perception of equality that is often detrimental to women and is typically outright misogynistic.

Note the neo-feminist movement -- not the male-dominated patriarchy -- attack the 1950's housewife with misogynous venom. It's a typical ploy of the predatory left to exploit a demographic to leverage its Marxist agenda.

The objective of neo-feminism is to perceive gender differences as if they were a mere social construct. It's hard-core cultural Marxism's perverted sense of "equality."

Half of us are XX and the  other half are XY.

Who got inside our heads to convince us differently? Why are they doing it? Why are we denying reality to embrace a fabricated false reality?

Neo-feminism is not feminism. It's Marxism.

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  1. Amazingly kids can STILL figure out which toys each sex will like. And what THEY want.

    Truth over envy and hate every time.

    Diversity means chasing DOWN the last white child. Diversity means White Genocide.