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August 5, 2015 -- South Africa's government controlled utility company, Eskom, is encouraging customers to buy power generators for their homes.

The reason?

Rolling blackouts is an everyday problem for South Africans.

During the apartheid era South Africans enjoyed a First World economy with energy to spare. With the introduction of "democracy" the nation is now dictated by black-dominated ANC (African National Congress) that has imposed rigid hiring quotas.

Businesses in South Africa must hire blacks at a ratio that reflects the population's racial distribution. The nation's Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) laws are based upon the discredited notion of white privilege. That translates into a huge number of unqualified individuals being hired to maintain Eskom.

The result is loss of electric energy.

• White privilege is a Marxist code word for bourgeois.

• South Africa projects itself as a multicultural rainbow nation. Apparently it is the only place on earth where the rainbow is solid black.

• The plight of South Africa is a harbinger for America and other Western nations that are surrendering their sovereignty to embrace multiculturalism. Fearful of being labeled "racists," white Westerners welcome Third-World migrants resulting in cultural thermodynamics.

• Nations dominated by large white majorities -- such as Uruguay and Iceland -- retain high standards of living and low rates of violent crime.

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Eskom has published a document titled “Selecting the right type of generator”, providing guidelines on which generators to buy, and how to connect them to your home. Does not really instill much confidence for their future plans in them does it?

Residential generators are available in a variety of sizes, with power supply capacities ranging between 5kW and 50kW. These generators are petrol or diesel driven.

Eskom warned that generator under-sizing is one of the most common mistakes committed by buyers.

“Not only could it damage your generator, but it can also damage other assets connected to it, creating hazardous situations,” said Eskom.

Eskom said generator users must remember that more power generation capacity is always better than less.

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  1. Americans (white by definition) would be smart to plan to escape to a still majority-white country.