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August 17, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- A University of Alabama sorority is taking heat for being too white.

Alpha Phi uploaded a recruitment video to YouTube. Multiculturalists promptly took offense because the sorority is too "racially homogeneous."

No such hate attacks were lobbed at black, Hispanic, or East Asian sororities anywhere in the nation of which we are aware.

In the cultural Marxism paradigm, white people constitute the oppressing bourgeois and non-whites are their perennial oppressed proletariat.

The Guardian noted all the hateful comments. However, when we viewed the video we saw nothing but support.

The video had been removed by the user at YouTube, but was apparently reposted. You can view it here ▼

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There are also moments when bikini-clad sisters are seen swimming in a lake.

In an opinion piece for AL.com, writer A.L. Bailey said the video is worse for women than Trump, referring to comments he made to Fox New's Megyn Kelly during the Republican debate two weeks ago.

She wrote: 'It's all so racially and aesthetically homogeneous and forced, so hyper-feminine, so reductive and objectifying, so Stepford Wives: College Edition. It's all so ... unempowering.

'To the incoming PNMs, this video has a clear sales pitch: beauty, sexuality, and a specific look above all.

'They're selling themselves on looks alone, as a commodity. Sadly, commodities don't tend to command much respect.'

The divisive piece sparked an impassioned response from readers who were horrified at the content.

Shell Seeker 7 said: 'Just watched the video, as a Mother with three grandaughter's in college trying to get through college on their own, no sorority, this Alabama video is pathetic, and shameful , college is about education, not football and parties.

'I'm sure the kid's returning to class feel just a little bit lower having watched this ridiculous, sexual , ad for college, have a day picnic if you want fun for everyone and include all the students. ...pathetic.

Another said: 'I thought it would not be that bad. I was wrong. If my daughter was in something like this she'd be in another school tomorrow. Who are they recruiting? Ex porn starlets?

One reader also commented: 'Bad look for the University of Alabama in light of the issue of diversity of the Greek system. Not enough thought was put into production of this video. The sorority did not think that they are not only representing themselves, but the University as a whole!'

On their website, Alpha Phi's description reads: 'Our sisterhood and our love for one another has consistently bound us into an everlasting love and friendship.

'Alpha Phi prides on our motto, "union hand in hand". We are a body of strong, motivated, and resilient young women who are tied together as a family and ultimately hold truth to our hearts and values as Alpha Phi's.'

Founded in 1872, Alpha Phi is the fourth oldest national women's sorority, and was the first women's society to use Greek letters as an emblem.

Some have condemned Bailey, the writer of the op-ed, for being a hyopcrite as she runs a fashion and lifestyle blog.

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  1. Historians of the future will analyze these incidents and conclude that we were out of our minds. They will view us in exactly the same way we view our benighted witch-burning forebears.

  2. I've never once heard anything called "too black" in the MSM or other venues of the public conversation. Yet, any factual, objective analysis will show that white culture is infinitely richer, more accomplished, more beneficial, more compassionate, and just all-around better in every meaningful way than black culture is or ever has been.


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