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August 8, 2015 -- Once again a video security camera has punctured a gaping hole in the cultural Marxism myth that black Americans constitute the oppressed proletariat and white their oppressing bourgeois.

Employees at a restaurant noticed a man being attacked in an ally by a black pack. The attackers were pummeling their victim with their fists. One report said the attackers had keys in the firsts to inflict greater pain and injury.

See video below.

The attackers fled when the restaurant employee appeared.

Cultural Marxism propaganda tell us we should rush to the aid of middle aged black women when we sense they are victims of racist microaggressions in public. The predatory left never suggests we should risk our safety to protect white people when they are attacked by black packs.

Cultural Marxism also weaves a false narrative that, historically, such assaults were white mobs beating black people for sport. Tales of such attacks enter the American lore with little documented evidence. Rather, they produce photos of lynch mobs, but forget to inform us that about one-third of all lynching victims were white and nearly all have committed heinous violent crimes.

 The attack in the video below occurred in Washington, DC in June. reported the crime August 5, 2015 noting that a similar attack occurred in the same area earlier. In the earlier black pack attack the victim was slashed in the face.

Such scenes occur far more frequently than most imagine due to the hushed silence of the mainstream Marxism media that reports only racial violence that fits their narrative of white oppression and black victimization. and some local new venues bring the truth to the forefront. In so doing we deprogram minds infected with the cultural Marxism virus.

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