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August 3, 2015 -- The Dept. of Homeland Security chief is denying 1,400 years of Islamic terrorism by simply denying its existence.

Specifically, Jeh Johnson says the Islamic State isn't Islamic.

The brash contention was made during an interview with at the Aspen Security Forum.

According to MedlinePlus, "Psychosis occurs when a person loses contact with reality."

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Department of Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson says that the Islamic State wants to be viewed as Islamic, but they aren't.

During an interview at the Aspen Security Forum, the interviewer asks if Johnson and DHS are missing the religious dimension of the terrorism we face by denying that it's inspired by Islam. "I couldn't disagree more," Johnson says.

Disagree with what?

Even if you buy Johnson's intellectually feeble claim that the Koran-quoting, Allah-praising, Halal-keeping members of Islamic State have "no connection to Islam," they certainly believe they do. Denying a connection between al Qaeda and Islam would be like denying any connection between the Christian Identity movement and Christianity. The typical Christian understands that, which is why they don’t object.

Even more disturbing (and once again, watch the video for yourself), Johnson says he can't call Islamic terror "Islamic terror" out of deference to American Muslims because they won't cooperate with homeland security efforts if he does. So the head of DHS believes American Muslims will stand by and watch their fellow Americans die in bomb blasts over a vocabulary dispute?

That may be the most insulting thing you’ll ever hear anyone say about Islam in America.

If I met someone at a cocktail party and they expressed such a juvenile, naive opinion, I'd roll my eyes and wander back to the bar for another Bushmills. But to hear it from the guy whose job is to protecting my family from terrorists? That's too important to be ignored.

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  1. The leader of ISIS has a doctorate in Islamic Studies from the University of Baghdad. ISIS does exactly the same things Muhammad did, in accordance with the Koranic verses he dictated. ISIS' actions are justified by learned Islamic scholars, and are supported by millions of practicing Muslims. To say that ISIS has no connection to Islam is to say that Muhammad had no connection to Islam, or to say that the SS had no connection to National Socialism.

    I don't care what American Muslims feel like supporting or not supporting. They are in our country, and they will be made to support us whether they like it or not.