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August 26, 2015 -- The parents of a young woman allegedly murdered by a local 6-foot-8 basketball star say the police aren't doing their job.

Kelsie Schelling's parents sued Donthe Lucas of "wrongful death" and claimed Pueblo police investigators deliberately obstructed justice.

Schelling disappeared in 2013 after driving to meet Lucas to inform him she was pregnant with his child.

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New court documents show Kelsie Schelling's boyfriend is considered a person of interest in the case – which contradicts earlier claims by the Pueblo Police Department.

Schelling’s parents filed a lawsuit earlier this year accusing Donthe Lucas of "wrongful death" and Pueblo police investigators of "deliberately obstructing" the investigation of the "killing" of the pregnant Denver woman.

Schelling vanished on the night of Feb. 4, 2013, after she drove to Pueblo to meet her boyfriend, Donthe Lucas, to tell him she was two months pregnant with his child, according to lawsuit.

Lucas, a 6-foot-8 former basketball star at Pueblo's Central High School and Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, has never been arrested or charged in connection with her disappearance or presumed death.

In new court documents, the lawyer representing the city and the officers named in the lawsuit said Lucas is a person of interest.

The lawsuit names as defendants Pueblo's Deputy Police Chief Andrew McLachlan, Detective Neal Robinson and Sgt. Ken Espinoza along with the City Of Pueblo.

Our partners at KRDO contacted Deputy Chief McLachlan about the motion. McLachlan said he was unaware that his lawyer had listed Lucas has a person of interest in the motion.

McLachlan said Lucas is not a person of interest and said he did not know why his lawyer made the statement.

Police say surveillance video showed Schelling's car was parked at a Walmart in Pueblo on Feb. 5. The same video showed an unidentified man getting into the car on Feb. 6 and driving off. Police said the car was left at St. Mary-Corwin Hospital about 24 hours later.

Schelling’s body has not been found.

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