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August 18, 2015 -- What to do?

Urban gangs are using social media to taunt and harass opposing gang members.

Authorities and high-tech analysts are comparing notes to find solutions to the problem. They've tried everything from mid-night basketball to parading hearses through city streets.

Nothing seems to work.

It's akin to seeking a small pox vaccine while denying the Variola vera virus exists; like letting blood to cure cancer.

Authorities are hampered by a social code that denies them access to coarse reality. They must pretend the ongoing violence that prevails in America's black communities is caused by social ills. They must deny that innate causes are driving the effects.

Again: What to do?

First, stop blaming white privilege.

The correlation between white prosperity and urban crime is non-existent. Africans in America are the most prosperous black people to ever exist anywhere. They have so much access to food that obesity, diabetes, and hyper tension prevail as leading health issues; second only to being shot by a "stray" bullet. They own high tech gadgetry unknown to the wealthiest white people throughout history. They live with the luxuries of central heat, air conditioning, and plumbing; again, conveniences unavailable to the wealthiest white people of past generations.

Second, consider there often is no cure for genetic predispositions.

As males are genetically predisposed to commit violent crime relative to females, males with IQs between about 70 and 90 are apt to commit violent crime at higher rates than their counterparts with lower and higher intelligence. We can pretend that the average IQ of black Americans is on a parity with the average IQ of whites and East Asians, but such pretense will only lead to frustration.

As pretending the earth is flat has no bearing on its roundness, pretending there is no disparity between the average intelligence of various people groups has no bearing on the reality that blacks tend have lower IQs that whites and East Asians.

While social engineers continue to admire the emperor's new clothes, the dilemma of black crime goes unabated.

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