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August 14, 2015 -- The genocidal destruction of Western culture includes the displacement of people. While the fertility rate throughout Europe is at historical lows, the migration rate from Third-world nations is at an all time high.

The result is Western populations being displaced.

Officials in Hungary are taking affirmative action to discourage illegal migration into their nation: They are constructing re-enforced border fences using unemployed workers.

Note the media refer to the border security with the negative anti-immigration as if there is something inherently evil about protecting one's culture and homeland from invasion. (I suppose the British could have characterized opposition to William the Conqueror's 1066 invasion as anti-immigration, or the Confederacy could have termed its defense against Sherman's invasion as anti-immigration.)

Imagine the outcry were our government to round-up illegal aliens and impress them to build a massive security fence on our border with Mexico.

Again, two birds; one stone: We would circumvent the pretense that a massive security fence is too expensive while removing illegal aliens.

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Hungary has drafted hundreds of unemployed workers to help speed up work on the country’s controversial anti-immigration fence that will run along the border with Serbia.

Almost 500 people on job seeker’s allowance have been told to report for duty as labourers or face having their dole money stopped as Hungary races to complete the fence by the end of the month.

The Hungarian plan for the 108-mile barrier has provoked sharp international criticism with some labelling it a new Iron Curtain in Europe. But the Hungarian government has defended its decision, saying the wall is needed to curb the growing number of migrants targeting the Schengen-zone country as a gateway into the EU.

Last month Viktor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister, described illegal immigrants coming from the “depths of Africa” as a threat to Europe’s existence.

Drawn from the ranks of unemployed in southern Hungary, the draftees, if they pass a medical declaring them fit, will work eight-hour shifts on the fence.

Csongrad County government, the body organising the draft, said most of the workers will carry out menial tasks such as clearing vegetation and handling materials, although it added it was on the lookout for skilled workers to operate machinery.

One unemployed man called up for service on the border fence told Delmagyarorszeg, a local paper, that he had been told he would get HUR 51,000 a month (about £116) and two meals a day for his labour, but added that if he refused the job he risked losing his monthly jobseekers’ allowance of £52.

Hungary’s Fidesz government has introduced some of the toughest unemployment benefit rules in Europe since winning the first of two consecutive election victories in 2010. Benefits have been slashed and there has been an expansion in public work programmes using the unemployed as labour.

The government has announced plans to phase out unemployment assistance completely by 2018.

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  1. Hungary is one of the saner countries in Europe, but being part of the European Union likely dooms it.

  2. They should use the illegal immigrants in the country, then deport them.