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August 3, 2015 -- Hillary says Republicans are murdering women by the zillions by defunding Planned Parenthood.

An exaggeration? Maybe; but not by much.

Hillary uses more subdued terminology such as "putting women's lives at risk" in her new video.

Were we to believe Hillary's hype we would conclude that when God created the universe he created Planned Parenthood on the 7th day, without which no woman could have survived. Er,uh, SHE created Planned Parenthood. Sorry.

History proves that women are much stronger than she pretends, having survived the rigors of child bearing and child rearing for millenia.

Hillary made her assertion in a new video bashing Republican presidential contenders.

Then, again, it could be that Hillary is engaged in cultural Marxism's effort to depopulate Western civilization by encouraging nature's baby makers to dramatically reduce their output.

• According to the CIA World Factbook nine of the nation's top ten baby making nations were in sub-Saharan Africa. The birth rate among those nations was six babies per woman in 2014. [source]

European Union women were making babies at the rate of 1.55 each. Considering non-whites in the EU tend to have a higher fertility rate than whites, the white fertility rates is likely much lower.

Women in the United States are producing offspring at a rate of 2.01 each.

To sustain a population, women must produce babies at rate between 2.1 and 3.4, relative to mortality rates.

Statistically, the world's white population is decreasing while the sub-Saharan's black population is potentially growing by three-fold per generation. That is, in about 40 years we can expect the black African population to triple while the world's white population declines.

• Cultural Marxism's apparent objective is to kill off white people by governing the birth rate. That end is realized by convincing women that being "barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen" is an undesirable life station pressed upon them by a patriarchal society. Neo-feminism encourages women to abandon home life and child-rearing to take up their rightful places in the workforce.

Women gullible enough to believe that child-bearing and child-rearing are indications of male oppression and domination turn to tax-funded organizations such as Planned Parenthood to obtain contraceptives and have their children murdered before they are born.

The fertility rate of East Asians is also below the line of replenishment.

• My four grandparents produced 14 children who reached adulthood; five by my paternal grandparents and nine by my maternal grandparents. Large families were the norm in Western culture at the turn of the last century and enduring through the proliferation of contraceptives.

Large families were not uncommon. In 1920 the average white American woman gave birth to 3.17 children with an average life expectancy of 57.4 years. That rate would allow the white population to grow by 50 percent per generation and to double every two generations. It was a substantial decline from 1800 when the average white American woman birthed 7.04 children. (The  mortality rate would have been much higher in 1800.) [source]

• Consequently, Hillary's defense of Planned Parenthood should be seen as an act of genocide against women in America.

• Ironically -- if not hypocritically -- neo-feminism's perennial attacks on the '1950's housewife' should be considered nothing less than genocidal misogyny.

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