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August 5, 2015 -- Ever wonder why privileged white liberals don't live in black neighborhoods?

A home security camera captured video footage of a New Orleans man being assaulted in his own front yard.

Reports say Kerry Horton asked a lawn-care worker at his neighbor's home not to blow debris into his yard. The conversation culminated with the worker punching Horton in the face.

Horton contends the blow was sufficient to have potentially caused death.

• White privileged liberals pretend such incidents rarely happen. Their perception of reality is created by Hollywood and the education system that employ "are you a racist" tests to convince gullible white people that they suffer from congenital racism from which they can never escape.

Nevertheless, privileged white liberals remain isolated in insular Jim Crow neighborhoods where they never have to experience reality beyond their Hollywood-induced mindset. provides deprogramming service for  mind infected with the cultural Marxism virus. By exposing their minds to the video below, we begin the anti-viral process of restoring affected psychotic minds to sanity.

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  1. "White privileged liberals" should be forced to move to black neighborhoods. That'll wipe the smirk off their faces. =))

  2. the punch may have worked as a deprogramming tool. may...