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August 27, 2015 -- Hordes of Muslim refugees rejected free food aid provided by police in Macedonia.

The reason?

The food boxes displayed the Red Cross.

That's not HALAL.

So the men chose to do without.

Be mindful that Islam is the same religion that has been committing hate crimes -- sometimes called 'terrorism' -- for generations. This is the dogma that compelled men to commandeer jetliners and fly them into the World Trade Center.

Compare the known hate crimes committed by Islam with those attributed to the Klan. Then ask yourself, "Why does the media vilify the Klan while it gives Islam a pass?"

Here's the video.


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Yesterday on the Macedonian border, ISIL extremists disguised as migrants refused humanitarian aid because it was not HALAL because of Red Cross on the boxes. They said they would accept only humanitarian aid which was HALAL, with the green Islamic crescent on it. ISIL extremists disguised as migrants suspect that the packages contained pork, which is HARAM, in accordance with their religion. Instead of the help in the food packages, they requested Western money which is HALAL. They accepted tea and water aid, but they demanded the Red Cross signs to first be removed. They explained that the Red Cross reminded them of crusaders (even though the last crusader state was destroyed seven centuries ago).

The Macedonian (FYROM) police have been battling with them in an attempt to stop them from illegally passing the border to enter Macedonia. Normally they don’t care, because they just pass Macedonia and go further with their main destinations, England, Germany or Sweden. But yesterday, Macedonian police wouldn’t let them pass, to comply with the requirements of the Western governments. Riots erupted, with Arabs shouting “Allahu akbar” and throwing stones at the police, with the police responding with batons and tear gas.

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  1. Let them starve then. They are flooding in to western countries but refuse aid. Any aid coming from their dear green cross?

    I just learned of this site. Love what you are bringing to light. I will be sure to tell everyone who will listen about your site.
    Thank You!!!!!

    Proud to be Confederate

  2. Let'em starve. I'd give them nothing but pork products.