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August 4, 2015 -- A mob of eight to ten males attacked a man after the mob confronted his niece for wearing a Confederate-flag hat.

The 32-year-old man defending his niece, 13, and was then assaulted himself. The victim was knocked to the pavement and kicked repeatedly.

The mob is assumed to be black.

The attack occurred in Rochester, Minnesota.

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KTTC Rochester, Austin, Mason City News, Weather and Sports

Police are on the lookout for a group of men who assaulted a man for defending his teenage niece wearing a hat with a Confederate flag on it.

Capt. John Sherwin of the Rochester Police Department said a 32-year-old man was outside with his 13-year-old niece at Meadow Park Apartments around 11:30 p.m. Thursday, when a group of eight to ten men walked up to the girl. The men were offended by the Confederate flag on the girl's hat, and said that her hat was racist. The man defended his niece, and told the men to educate themselves about the history of the Confederate flag because he said it was not racist.

That's when the men knocked him to the ground and began kicking him. The victim did not seek medical attention, but police said he did have noticeable injuries with knots on his head.

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  1. I wonder why no one has messed w/me yet. I wear a confederate hat and not once has any ni66er said a word to me about it. I must look like I can handle myself. 8-)

  2. If the races were reversed, the event would be national news for weeks.

  3. I wore my CBF cap to the store yesterday. I also carry pepper spray and a box-cutter.