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August 16, 2015 -- Ok. I'll admit it.

The headline is a tad bit misleading.

But there's meaning to my madness.


While the mainstream media distract us with tales of yore when hooded Klansmen burned crosses in Mississippi, a couple from that state was arrested while attempting to join an Islamic hate group.

News reports say Muhammad Dakhlalla, 22, and his girlfriend, Jaelyn Young, 19, were making plans to travel to Syria to join ISIS.

A local media venue reminded us that Muhammad's dad is the quintessential religion-of-peace Muslim whose charity casts a positive light on Islam. Think of him as Ward Cleaver in a beard and Muhammad as the Beaver.

The national media said nothing that we've seen. Apparently they continue to pretend that moderate Muslims are kinder and gentler than moderate Klansters.

For those paying attention: The Klan poses little hand-wringing concerns; Islam is the hate group that should worry us; something about flying jet airliners into high rise office buildings in New York City.

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She was a cheerleader, an honor student, the daughter of a police officer and a member of the high school homecoming court who wanted to be a doctor.

He was a quiet but easygoing psychology student. His father is a well-known Muslim patriarch here, whose personable air and habit of sharing food with friends and strangers made him seem like a walking advertisement for Islam as a religion of tolerance and peace.

Today, the young woman, Jaelyn Young, 19, and the young man, her fiancé, Muhammad Dakhlalla, 22, are in federal custody, arrested on suspicion of trying to travel from Mississippi to Syria to join the Islamic State.

Friends and strangers alike said it was difficult to imagine two less likely candidates for the growing roster of young, aspiring American jihadis.

"Something must have happened to her," Elizabeth Treloar, 18, said of Young, her friend. "She's too levelheaded, too smart to do this." Dakhlalla's relatives were as shocked as anyone when he and Young were arrested last weekend on their way to a small regional airport, where they had intended to catch the first in a series of flights that would eventually put them in Istanbul. The only plans the family knew of, said Dennis Harmon, a lawyer and friend of Dakhlalla's parents, were that he would attend graduate school in the fall here at Mississippi State University.

Young, who three years ago was broadcasting silly jokes on Twitter and singing the praises of the R&B singer Miguel, had more recently professed a desire to join the Islamic State, according to an FBI agent's affidavit in support of a criminal complaint. On July 17, the day after a young Muslim man in Chattanooga, Tenn., fatally shot five U.S. servicemen, Young rejoiced, the affidavit alleges, in an online message to an FBI agent posing as a supporter of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

"Alhamdulillah," she wrote, using the Arabic word of praise to God, "the numbers of supporters are growing." Though a number of young Muslims in the United States have been seduced in recent months by the Islamic State, the fact that it has resonated as far as Starkville has set off an understandable wave of distress here -- a feeling the struggle and terror in foreign deserts are not as far from the American heartland as they might have seemed.

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