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August 19, 2015 -- The invasion of Europe by migrants has reached a record number.

That number is 107,500.

It is the number of refugees camped at the borders of the European Union in July, 2015.

Germany is expected to willfully accept 750,000 invaders this year. Ostensibly the migrants are characterized as "asylum seekers" and "refugees."

They are fundamentally changing Western culture and their invasion will culminate its displacement.

Once Western culture is displaced the infrastructure that support all humanity will erode. That will drive a new dark ages from which we will never emerge.

It is an abstract that the predatory left refuses to acknowledge: The displacement of Western culture will eventually destroy the very people group it pretends to help.

The objective of cultural Marxism (that preceded economic Marxism) is to remove the economic disparity that exist between Western culture and Third-world nations.

To achieve that objective cultural Marxism is simply displacing Western culture.

Our children and grandchildren are being deprived of their future. We have both a right and obligation to defend our culture from destruction.

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The number of migrants at the EU's borders reached a record high of 107,500 in July, officials say, as a sharp surge in expected asylum requests was reported in Germany.

Germany has seen a wave of migration from Syria and the Balkans, and now says it could receive as many as 750,000 asylum seekers this year.

The EU has been struggling to cope with migrant arrivals in recent months.

France and the UK say they will sign a deal to tackle the crisis in Calais.

Over the summer, thousands of migrants have sought to get to the UK through the Channel Tunnel from makeshift camps around the northern French city.

France's Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and his British counterpart, Theresa May, say they will sign a deal there on Thursday to strengthen their countries' co-operation on security, the fight against criminal smugglers, human traffickers, and clandestine immigration.

In early August, the UK pledged to add €10m (£7m) to a fund established in September 2014 to secure the port of Calais, and initially endowed with €15m over three years.

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  1. Only a minority of them are legitimate refugees. As most people are well aware by now, including the European leadership, the majority of the "refugees" are economic migrants who are in no particular danger from anyone and are simply looking to make more money than they could back home. Yet the UN and EU leaders still infantilize them as oppressed, persecuted victims for their own political purposes in order to persuade European citizens to allow them to continue to shove huge numbers of non-Western immigrants into their cities and towns.

    As long as the European people continue to accept being crapped on this manner, Europe will get what it deserves. I actually support this invasion of the semi-literate unskilled mob to a degree because it is the only thing that will finally convince European lefties that they are wrong. A significant racheting-up of Europe's ongoing immigrant crime wave will finally remove the last shreds of 70s-style illusion from their eyes.

    The average European lefty differs from the American lefty in being only semi-deranged, as opposed to being fully, consummately, stridently right out of his tiny little skull. Unlike Americans, the experience of seeing their countrymen being robbed, raped, and murdered by non-Western immigrants has already converted a good many of Europe's formerly smug and self-assured social democrats, and more continue to wake up and smell reality every day.