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August 17, 2015 -- Riot police stood down while migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran fought each other on the tiny Greek island of Kos.

The island has been overwhelmed by migrants seeking to improve their lives under their former colonial "masters" in Europe.

Reports say a passenger ship was chartered to house and process refugees, but Syrians were given priority due to the hostilities in their country.

An estimated 250,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean into Europe this year.

How would you react if the horde of migrants in the photo above were attempted to break into your home?

How would you react if the horde of migrants in the photo above were attempted to invade your nation, take over your government, and transfer your wealth from your family to their families?

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A few hundred Asian migrants were at the police station when the brawling began, hoping to register and obtain papers which will allow them to stay temporarily in Greece. They then want to head for the mainland in the hope of finding a route to northern Europe, where more support and jobs are available than in Greece, which is in the grip of an economic crisis.

The police station was closed off on Saturday, a religious festival in Greece, but some migrants still thought those from other countries might get preferential treatment.

To rival chants of "Afghanistan!", "Pakistan!" and "Iran!", fists and stones flew. At least one man was kicked on the ground, while others wandered around with blood on their faces.

Other members of the crowd moved in to cool tempers and calm returned after several minutes of disorder. Riot police, drafted in earlier this week from the mainland to reinforce local officers on the normally tranquil holiday island, watched from the sidelines.

"We didn't intervene because our priority is to protect the police station," one riot policeman told Reuters.

Later, a group of Iranians tried to break the police line blocking access to the police station. The riot police beat back the crowd with batons during the brief affray.

On Tuesday, local police used fire extinguishers and batons against migrants after violence broke out in a sports stadium where hundreds of people, including young children, were waiting for immigration papers. About 40 riot police were subsequently sent to the island to keep order.

Meanwhile, migrants kept arriving from the Turkish mainland, which lies within sight of Kos.

The coast guard said it had rescued 212 people on the island's northeastern coast who were in four inflatable dinghies and one speedboat.

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