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August 22, 2015 -- A recent graduate of American University was executed at rail station in Washington, DC.

Authorities have issued a warrant for Marcus King, 19. King is charged with second degree murder in the death of Matthew Shlonsky, 23.

News reports say Shlonsky was shot in the head as he was exiting a taxi at the Shaw-Howard University Metro station. Police insist the victim was not the intended victim but was struck by a stray bullet.

The crime was reported August 20, 2015.

• The homicide rate in Washington, DC is approaching 100 with 98 murders year to date. That's a 35 percent surge over the previous year.

The spike in homicides is due, no doubt, to police reluctance to engage violent black criminals. Efforts by the predatory left to discourage arrests will partially close the disparity between black and white homicide statistics while widening the number of black people in body bags and unsolved murders.

Most victims of violent black crime are black.

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D.C. police on Thursday were searching for a suspect in Saturday afternoon’s fatal shooting of a recent American University graduate student who authorities say was struck by a stray bullet outside the Shaw-Howard University Metro station.

An arrest warrant was issued for Marcus King, 19, charging him with second-degree murder while armed in the death of Matthew Shlonsky, 23, who was getting out of a taxi when he was hit. Police have said he was not the intended target.

The warrant is the first publicized break for police in a brazen afternoon shooting that came amid a surge of killings that has pushed the District’s homicide count close to 100 — at 98 for the year, a nearly 35 percent spike over this time in 2014.

Police have described a wild burst of gunfire at 3:50 p.m. Saturday, in which shots were fired from sidewalks on both sides of Seventh and S streets NW and hit a stolen burgundy Chrysler 300, which was recovered with bullet holes. Authorities said they have not determined a motive but thought the shooting could have stemmed from a dispute during a nearby dice game.

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Kenn vs The Amazing Atheist on black crime statistics.
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