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August 21, 2015 -- It's the youngest black pack we've encountered to date.

The group was described as a group of "little kids" ranging in age from about 5 to 10 years old.

The pack vandalized 41 vehicles while the owners attended a high school musical in Racine, Wisc.

Consider it a head-start program for rioting.

The kids weren't arrested because of their age, reports say, but they were given a good talking to.

• Black packs are a phenomenon that exist is virtually every black-dominated neighborhood. Children are kept like pets by mothers whose baby-daddy is the government. The child pets are turned loose to roam the neighborhood with other feral children, returning home only to eat and sleep.

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After more than 40 cars are vandalized in a Racine high school parking lot, police say they have nabbed their suspects. But no arrests have been made because police say those responsible are too young.

At Washington Park High School, school may not be in session but that doesn’t mean it’s not busy.

“This is one of the most used schools in the neighborhood,” said Quincy Cannon, lives next to school.

Thursday, August 13th inside the school’s theater, it was a packed house for a performance of Bonnie & Clyde The Musical.While it’s a play about two famed criminals, a real crime was taking place in the school’s parking lot.

Pictures sent in to FOX6 News from some of the victims show scratches found on windows and doors of vehicles.

Police say in total 41 cars were vandalized — nearly every car in the west parking lot. A week later, police have found their suspects. They are so young, police say they did not arrest them.

Described as a group of “little kids” they range in age between five and ten years old.

Nearby parents have a lot of questions.

“That’s way too young. Way too young to be out without parental supervision,” said Carolyn Dedeyne, parent.

Police say they solved the crime thanks to tips. The children were talked to, their information taken, and sent on to the Department of Human Services.

Those FOX6 News spoke with say, music to their ears will be if the parents are held accountable.

“They are responsible for their kids. There is no way of getting around it,” said Cannon.

If that happens, we’ll see.

Since the kids are so young, the case has been turned over to the Department of Human Services and then the District Attorney may take a look at it.

Victims say they are not holding their breath they will get paid back the money they forked out to get the scratches out.

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  1. They failed to avoid the groid. Live and learn.

  2. People think "Avoid the Groid" is just a slogan, or a random political statement that doesn't apply to them. Hello, in case you haven't noticed, there's a war on in this country. This simple principle can save your money and property, it can save your life. The great majority of black crimes of violence on whites that we see in the news would never have happened if people follow this simple rule. If you continue to live or work or otherwise spend time for any reason in areas where blacks are present, knowing what you've known for a long time now, anything that happens to you or your family is completely your own fault.