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August 16, 2015 -- Piece of cake.

The Amazing Atheist took to YouTube last month to challenge those of us who posit black crime statistics are innate.

The good news: We've smoked 'em out. The predatory left is no longer denying black Americans commit crime at a higher rate than other ethnic groups.

The better news is: Their efforts at apologetics is so absurd they can be blown away like a dandelion puff in a hurricane.

The Amazing Atheist says that we focus on crime statistics but ignore other statistics such as poverty, as if to imply that the income disparity between whites and blacks is to blame for black crime.


Click below to watch Kenn dismantle that bit of nonsense.

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  1. Why isn't Appalachia one of the most violent regions of the country, instead of surprisingly peaceful? The whites there are even poorer than most negroes and there are a lot of guns. A twofer, proving both negro criminality and that white people with guns (and guns themselves) are not a problem.

    1. west VA has the lowest per capita income in the nation and the least federal support.
      it also has the lowest overall crime rates , and per capita crime rates.
      they also have the lowest back population in america .
      coincidence , i thinks not.