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August 19, 2015 -- The profile of a violent criminal usually includes three elements: (a) age (about 18 to 49), (b) gender (male), and IQ (about 70 to 90.)

Blacks tend to commit violent crime at higher rates than whites and East Asians because they have lower average intelligence levels.

Some suppose that people with higher intellects are more efficient in covering their crimes while the intellectually challenged are predisposed to get caught.

Were that true we would expect the body count in Japan to be the same as the body count in Detroit and the number of missing persons in white communities to be the same as missing persons in black communities.

What we find, however, is that the number of body bags per capita is lower in communities with higher average intellects because smart people don't commit violent crime at the same rate as those living in communities with lower average intellects.

There is no cause-and-effect relation between income disparities and crime disparities. Rather, we can attribute both income and crime levels to intelligent levels.

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  1. There's a correlation between low intelligence and being black, same as there is a correlation between being black and committing a massively disproportionate amount of crime.

  2. I've always suspected there is much more genetically to black (and latino crime) than mere low IQ. Many groups of immigrants such as Phillippinos, Laotians, Cambodians, Caribbean blacks, and others who are not exactly notorious for being cutting-edge rocket scientists (no offense) have created viable communities here that are far from the hotbeds of violent crime and murder that American black and latino neighborhoods typically are.