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August 3, 2015 -- Political correctness may have hit a stone wall.

Hundreds of patriots rallied at Stone Mountain, Georgia to support the embattled Confederate flag this weekend.

• The media focused largely on the concocted controversy surrounding the flag rather than on the rally itself.

• The generations-old symbol of Southern heritage has been demonized in recent years by the predatory left. The left has changed the perception of the flag from a benign symbol of Southern heritage to an icon of hate for Southern white people.

Slightly outnumbered:
A fence separates protesters for and against the
Confederate flag in Stone Mountain, GA
• An objective of genocide is to destroy people groups by removing their sense of cultural identity.

• The predatory left has attempted to associate the Confederate flag with white racism by noting small rallies conducted by white racists and ignoring huge rallies involving patriots.

The mainstream Marxist media inserts references to Nazi symbols and flags when publishing stories about the Confederate flag. Their psychological strategy compels us to associate the two.

• History revisionists have created a false narrative in which white Americans were brutal masters of black slaves. In reality there were thousands of free blacks who owned slave labor. Many American Indians also were slave owners.

The first legal slave owner in American history was a black tobacco farmer named Anthony Johnson. The first black military officers in American history served the Confederacy. Thousands of black Southerners enlisted in the Confederate army that conscripted whites, but not blacks.

In 1860 the largest slave holder in South Carolina was a black plantation owner named William Ellison.

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People for and against the Confederate flag rallied at Stone Mountain State Park Saturday.

Supporters showed up from seven different states to support the Confederate flag.

"Pride. Pride and Heritage," said Jimmy Cheek.

He drove to Atlanta from Monticello for the rally.

"I had great uncles that served in the Civil War and I’m basically doing it for them," said Cheek.

Jerry Gray drove from Conyers to support the flag.

"My family members they actually come up bare footed from the mountains to join the Confederate army,” he said.  “That's what I’m here for. What they went through."

However, those in opposition say this flag does not’t represent heritage, it represents hate.

"I think that if the flag wasn't symbol of hate then why was it left at Ebenezer Baptist Church," said I’Nasah Crockett. She was just one of the dozens calling for the flags to come down and the Civil War carving at Stone Mountain to be changed.

"I don't think we should be deifying, not only a failed treasonous act against the United States but also something that was done explicitly to protect the institution of slavery," said Crockett.

The organizer of this rally demanded it be peaceful. Organizers asked that there be no alcohol, violence or racial slurs used at the event. They believe this is more than just a rally. They want to educate the world.

"We're here to stand up against racism and stand up against all the misunderstanding. We're here to show peace and love for all the southern soldiers," said Gray.

"I think this is completely ridiculous and untrue to say this has nothing to do with hate, this has nothing to do with slavery. That's everything this is," said Crockett.

Stone Mountain State Park police told us they've teamed up with other agencies to keep an eye on this event.

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  1. sadly this isnt a victory.
    it just shows that FEMA camps will be filled to the max when the SHTF

  2. Sad that it was only hundreds, and not tens of thousands.