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August 2, 2015 -- If they manage to make their way to Britain, the can live in fine hotels at taxpayers' expense.

'They' refers to the hordes from sub-Saharan Africa who are being wooed to Britain by the government's open invitation.

The detainment centers for refugees are filled to capacity.

Prepare to enjoy tea and crumpets accompanied by grinning Africans who risked their lives to live at your expense in your native land.

Africans once enjoyed the privilege of living in colonial Africa where European nations ruled their homelands. The colonial overseers offered life-enhancing innovations never before known on the Dark Continent.

When the colonial empires withdrew, the void was filled with inept and often corrupt governments that left black Africans in dire straits.

Now Africans are following their former colonial rulers to their homelands. Nearly all are risking their lives to make the journey.

Many are Muslims who bring with them the crime and corruption they were fleeing in Africa.

The Marxist-leaning British government doesn't mind. Once enrolled as legal voters, the migrants and their descendants nearly always support collectivist economies.

British patriots who complain are stigmatized with pejoratives such as 'racists' and 'xenophobes.'

Our innate altruism is destroying us. We are being killed with kindness; our own kindness.

It's akin to Africans infected with the Ebola virus fleeing to escape the very virus that ravishes their bodies. Once in Britain, they affect the entire nation with crime and incompetence as they reduce the formerly proud nation to a Third-world culture.

Once entrenched in their new homelands, migrants and their progeny will be impossible to expatriate.

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How can it have come to this, that British citizens, paying their own way in well-appointed hotels, find that they are sharing their accommodation with newly arrived migrants, in many cases here by illegal means, supplied with all they need by taxpayers’ money?

At the same time, The Mail on Sunday reveals the existence of a government website advertising the benefits available – again at the taxpayers’ expense – to anyone who can get here and claim to be a refugee. They can even apply for free spectacles, the better to fill in the forms for more benefits.

These facts are as astonishing to the new arrivals as they are to British citizens. That is why there is a perpetual camp at Calais, of people prepared to risk their lives to reach what they regard as the migrants’ El Dorado.

Who can blame them, who does blame them, when they can hope for such a welcome? The only surprise is that there are not more lithe young men and women trying to cut their way through the flimsy fences that guard the Eurotunnel terminal, or to weave past the ineffectual and uninterested French police.

But even more remarkable is the paralysis and fumbling of successive British governments – the current one no better than its forerunners, clearly groping for some cosmetic measures in the hope that it will all die down and they can go on holiday in peace.

They should not be allowed to get away with this. Someone should take charge, and firmly. The migrants are being placed in hotels because the proper reception centres are full, a clear sign that things have gone too far.

Much of Kent is at a standstill because of what can truly be called a crisis. Businesses all over Britain are suffering severe losses. But above all, the people of Britain are starting to feel that their country’s borders are no longer under control – that anyone who tries hard enough to get in, will do so, and then become a charge on the State.

Those who blithely say that we should relax and let everyone in are usually those who live far from the areas where new migrants settle. Their jobs are not threatened by cheap labour and they can afford to pay more tax, unlike those many families struggling to feed, clothe and house themselves on two small incomes.

Their piety appears creditable, but it is one thing to be a Good Samaritan and quite another to tell other people to be Good Samaritans.

The truth is that, if we let everyone in who wanted to come, we would destroy the prosperity and order which bring them here in the first place. It is neither callous nor bigoted to wonder why, if these newcomers are refugees, they did not seek asylum in the other free countries they crossed on the way here.

As well as reinforcing our own side of the Calais fences swiftly and efficiently, let us end our nation’s reputation for na├»ve generosity. To anyone who arrives here from France or Italy, let us offer benefits and help no greater than they would have received in those countries.

Let us issue them with secure identity documents to ensure that they do not disappear while their cases are investigated. In short, let us act like a sovereign country, which decides – like any other host – who is welcome within its walls and who is not.

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