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August 17, 2015 -- An Aston Martin was marred by a thug pushing a baby stroller.

A dashcam inside the parked $140,000 luxury car was rolling when the suspect eyed the car, turned the stroller towards it, fetched his keys from his pocket, and did the nasty deed.

We suspect the crime was an expression of class envy.

English culture has survived thousands of years without these Cretans.

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Dash-cam footage from the £90,000 sports car caught the man with a pram keying the side of the vehicle, causing £9,000 worth of damage.

The driver of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage left the camera recording when he stopped in the car park of a supermarket in Hackney, east London, on 19 June.

When he returned he noticed that his car had scratches along its side and checked the camera footage.

In the video, a man in a tracksuit top and bottoms and pushing a pram walks back and forth in front of the car and then uses the pram as a cover while he scrapes a bunch of keys along the passenger side.

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  1. The gall he has to key the car of someone paying exorbitant tax to support his black @$$ on "the dole."

    1. Don't be silly, one doesn't get $140,000 car by paying taxes. Taxes are for the plebs. :P

  2. but ask your Japanese friend or hotel service in advance. Lucy