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August 21, 2015 -- Keona Peterson appears to radically believe in racial segregation.

Peterson and four female companions expressed their views physically when they attacked a white mother at a playground.

Apparently the white woman's young daughter and a friend was bullied by 4-year-old black boy. The woman chose to leave the playground, but was followed by Peterson to the victim's car.

Peterson reportedly threatened the victim prior to beating her by saying, "I'll cut you up white girl."

The attack occurred in Edgewater, Ill., just north of Chicago on Aug. 6, 2015.

• Some believe Jim Crow laws were an expression of white racism. Others contend such laws were enacted to protect white people from violent black racism.

• The episode near Chicago explains why white-privileged liberals prefer to live in the insular isolation of Jim Crow-like white neighborhoods rather than move into black housing projects where they may redistribute their privilege while engaging their children in diverse, multicultural environments.

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But as she buckled her girls into the car, Peterson grabbed up her own girls, walked them to an apartment building and "threw them inside" before running back to the victim's car and pounding on the window, the victim said.

"She was just shouting, 'Hey you! Hey you white girl! I'll cut you up white girl, this is my territory, my neighborhood, get the f--- outta here! There's thousands of acres for white people, what are you doing coming into my neighborhood?'"

Four more women, apparently friends of the attacker, showed up at the vehicle, which is when the victim said she "got really scared."

"She just opened up the car door and started punching me," the victim said. "I burst out crying, she'd busted open my lip and I was bleeding. I pushed her hands away from the door and slammed it shut. I held it closed and they walked back toward the building."

The attack was far from over. When the group went back into the building, the victim left her car with the girls strapped in and walked over to snap a picture. She did not know the address and wanted the photo for the police report she planned to file. When Peterson saw her, she ran back out of the building and caught her.

"She boxed me in the head, grabbed my hair, took my phone and started beating me with my phone. Then the others started beating me. I just kept screaming for someone to protect my girls. I was so scared they were going to do something to the girls. They saw the whole thing from the car, they were just screaming, watching it happen to me," she said.

There's no telling how long the pummeling would have gone on if a man and woman walking past hadn't interceded, the victim said. The man grabbed and shoved at the attackers while one woman grabbed onto her and physically dragged her out of the pile. The mob scattered after the victim was pulled clear, heading back into the apartment building.

"I was just in a state of shock," she said. "I've never been so scared in my life. This was a hate crime and that's the truth. I honestly thought they were going to beat me to death, I really did."

Officers were flagged down by a witness and directed to the apartment, where they found Peterson, who admitted being part of the attack, police said. The victim then identified Peterson as the ringleader, according to police.

"The police were amazing," according to the victim. "One police woman arrived on her own. I said, 'Please don't go in there alone, they're crazy.' A witness who was there, back at the car with the girls, said, 'Don't go in, wait for backup.' But she says, 'I'm fine, stay here' and she goes in because she doesn't want to lose them, and then backup came and went in and they searched the building and brought her out."

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  1. Too bad IL is such a chickensh*t state for concealed carry and gun ownership. Every black savage with a felony record a foot thick has a piece, but not law-abiding whites.