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August 25, 2015 -- A viral video produced by Prager University contends that the Civil War was fought over slavery.

The target, of course, is the Confederate flag and scores of monuments commemorating the sacrifices made by the South during the Civil War.

It's another effort to stigmatize Southern culture; another piercing genocidal knife in the back of Western culture.

There is a problem, however.

The Civil War was not fought over slavery.

The Confederate flag is not symbolic of slavery.

The monuments honoring Confederate soldiers and their leaders do not glorify slavery.

It's all a lie.

In this video Kenn reveals the true cause of the Civil War, and debunks the myth.

Watch, learn, and share. And don't forget to subscribe to our channel.

• Claiming the Civil War was about slavery is as foolish as pretending Prager University is a real university.

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Click here to hear Kenn refute the kids cussing the Confederate flag

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  1. From Proud to be Confederate:

    I have argued over this issue until I am blue in the face. The communist Liberals have done an excellent job of controlling the narrative, and people have never challenged the Liberal lies. I never, ever thought I would see a president incite race wars and help destroy history and be more of a racist than any president in the history of this country, and defend terrorists. I fear for the safety of my children and the future of this country.