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August 7, 2015 -- It seems the civil rights argument has come full circle.

A columnist at offers this segregation suggestion:

Citizens of color should have the choice to interact with cops of the same racial or cultural background.
Am I missing something? Is that not racial profiling?

The writer suggests white traffic cops allow "citizens of color" (that's a new one!) the option to be confronted by a non-white officer; apparently one who best matches the skin tone or ethnicity of the colored citizen.

(Citizen of color!? Are you kidding me?)

Cultural Marxism make much ado about racial profiling, has the audacity to suggest that race is a social construct, then determines that racial profiling be mandated by white cops when they encounter citizens of color.

And what if the cop encounters and illegal-alien of color? Must the cop offer a non-citizen of matching color police officer to confront the suspect?

What if a skinny-ass citizen of  black color who appears to be a tad bit effeminate is encountered by a fat-ass colorless  macho cop? Must the officer radio dispatch to send a skinny-ass black homosexual to write the ticket?

See video below.

Once again, Kenn's Law #2 proves true: If liberals were logical, they wouldn't be liberals.

Such silly suggestions smack of [enter color here] privilege; making us wonder why the predatory left continues to propagate the white privilege myth.

Has it not occurred to the predatory left that citizens of color of particular ethnicities could resolve the issue simply by moving to a countries where their particular color and ethnicity are the overwhelming majority; say, Cameroon or Zimbabwe, for example?

And why is the predatory left so obsessed with race; then condemns websites like for being racists when we join the conversation?

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