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August 11, 2015 -- Six black males attacked a 13-year-old in Norwood, Ohio last week.

The attack would be considered a vicious hate crime commanding national media attention had the races been reversed. says police are looking for the attackers.

The attack was reported August 10, 2015.

Reports say the attack was unprovoked and the video provides an explanation why privileged white liberals prefer to isolated themselves in insular Jim Crow neighborhoods where they live in an alternate reality that smacks of psychosis. Such denial is caused by excessive exposure to white-guilt movies and television.

An important part of the imposing denial in the minds of privileged white liberals is to dehumanize those of us who expose reality by projecting us as "racists."

In reality I am a vociferous anti-racist who hates all forms of racism, including racist and unprovoked attacks against innocent 13-year-old boys by feral packs of village-raised black thugs.

• Revisionists would have us believe that such attacks were common in American history, but they insist that white mobs routinely attacked innocent blacks. Revisionists fail to provide documentation.

In reality the only black white-on-black mob attacks occur is Hollywood, Calif.

• White-on-black violence is so uncommon that the national media exploits it extensively. Note, for example, the media coverage of the Charleston, SC massacre. Yet there is virtually no media coverage of the epidemic of black-on-elderly-white violence.

Your may review scores of black-on-elderly-white violence ignore by the media by clicking here ►

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It was a brutal attack and all of it was caught on video and posted to Facebook.

That's where Norwood police found it, and now they're looking for the teenage attackers.

Norwood police Lt. Ronald Murphy said it was hard to watch. The victim and his assailants appear to be about 13 or 14 years old,  and it was six against one.

They jumped him about 9 p.m. Sunday a block away from Holy Trinity Church, where a festival was under way.

"We don't want to see anybody get in a fight," Murphy said. "It's one thing if it's one on one and it's a kids' fight. This is different. lt's hard to watch."

WCPO got hold of the disturbing video before the link was removed from the Norwood police Facebook page. Because they are minors, we are not showing their faces. But it's obvious that this was a brutal encounter.

"There's not much to the end, but you do see him get to his knees a little. He's obviously suffering," Murphy said.

The attackers punched, kicked and stomped their victim over and over again. He never threw a punch. The beating and the egging-on only stopped after an adult happened by.  

"The victim doesn't resist at all in this case. He doesn't even fight back," Murphy said. "I don't know if he was stunned or dazed by the first couple of punches."

Kim Watkins said she came out of her house and told the boys to leave.

"They didn't leave. They started calling me names," Watkins said.

It was Watkins who posted the video. She said the same group of boys tried to jump her son earlier that night. By the time police got there, they were gone.

But she left explicit instructions.

"I said, 'If anything else happens, son,  and you're there, just record it. That way we will have proof."

That "proof" has been shared more than 1,000 times so far on Facebook. Police have spoken to the victim's grandmother, and she says he's OK. But he didn't go to the hospital and police worry that he might have suffered a concussion.

The search for the young suspects continues, and Watkins is adamant.

"I just want it stopped. I want all of the bullying, all these kids running around here doing whatever it is they're doing, I want it all stopped," she said.

Murphy hopes the video will make it easier to ID them.

 Depending on the victim's injuries. they could be facing very serious charges as juveniles – even felonious assault.

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