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August 13, 2015 -- How many members of the New Black Panthers Party does it take to attract national attention?

About 15.

The handful of oddly dressed black supremacists toted assault weapons (actually, they were rifles) while chanting silliness such as "Whose street? Our street!" and something about "Off the pigs!"

Off the pigs? What does that even mean?

On the other hand, one could consider the marching Panters as a  style show of Western technology. Everything from the textiles they wore to the technology that created the bullhorn point to innovaton unavailable to sub-Saharan Africa prior to the colonization era.

Black Americans need to learn to be grateful rather than hateful.

The Panthers were parading their insanity in Waller County, Texas where a black woman died while in custody.

Meanwhile, in Harlem, New York, Dr. Ben Carson answered questions regarding the perception by many blacks that he is an "Uncle Tom."

Carson's class act contrasted sharply with the abject weirdness of the Panthers.

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