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August 24, 2015 -- Update...

YouTube has unblocked the 'banned' video.

See here ►

Hi Guys!

I need your help...

A left-wing hate group is attacking our YouTube account. 

They have 'flag-bombed' a video causing YouTube to remove it. 

• What to do?

Upload the video to your YouTube account. (You may need to create an account.)

Then share the video on Facebook, Twitter etc. 

When the bad guys take down one video, we will replace it hundreds of times!

Here are links where you can view and download the banned video (preferred)

then upload it to YouTube, Facebook, or other social media.

The haters want to silence us. They do not want the truth about violence and hatred to get out.

The bad guys control the mainstream media, but they DON'T control US! 
And they don't control the Internet. 

• Why do they attack us?

The predatory left has successfully propagated the myth that American blacks are oppressed by white people. It's classic Marxism: The proletariat (black people) are oppressed by the bourgeois (white people). 

Our videos, however, dispel that myth. They prove the opposite is true: White people are attacked constantly by blacks!

Cultural Marxism is determined to purge the Internet of videos that reveal the cold, hard truth of black-on-white violence. 

Beginning in June, 2015, we noticed that video depicting black brawls and black-on-white violence abruptly disappeared from search engines. We've also seen an marked increase in attacks on honest efforts to by-pass the mainstream Marxist media via various Internet venues. 

When you download the video to your computer and then upload to social media, you are flooding the Internet with the truth. 

To quote George Orwell, "In a time of universal deceit -- telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

Welcome to the revolution!

Please report typos...

More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

Click here to hear Kenn refute the kids cussing the Confederate flag

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