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August 18, 2015 -- A neighbor who lives near Thomas D. Gregg Elementary School says fights are a weekly occurrence.

This one was different from all the others. It was captured on video.

See video below.

The school is located in Indianapolis near where I attended high school.

Weekly occurrences?

When I was a student such attacks occurred almost daily. Our school was assigned full-time police officers in the late 1960s. They actually had their own police 'station' at the entrance of the campus.

Not much has changed in 45 years, except the advent of the Internet and the proliferation of video devices. Human behavior remains the same and black-pack attacks continue to be part of the urban landscape.

• To escape that landscape one must move to whiter pastures and indulge themselves in the make-believe world of Hollywood. It is there were are served our daily doses of multicultural bliss by way of television and the cinema.

We're programmed to believe an alternate reality exists. It's a reality that would not even occur to us were it not for the media displaying their vision of an ideal multicultural Marxist society in virtually every television program and commercial.

If we face reality -- that violent crime prevails in black communities -- we are stigmatized as 'racists' and hated for daring to declare that the emperor is, indeed, butt naked.


A sorority at the University of Alabama is being lampooned by the politically correct (read, "brainwashed") for being too white!

The is nothing wrong with celebrating diverse cultures. There is something very wrong with indulging in denial.

• No child should be subjected to such physical abuse.

Yet our children must endure a savage school environment where only the strong (actually, only the psychopaths) survive.

Why? To appease the absurd notions of the predatory left.

The predatory left simply doesn't care about the safety of our children. In fact, former Attorney Gen. Eric Holder issued a mandate in conjunction with the federal Dept. of Education requiring government schools to scale down their discipline of misbehaving black students. Misbehaving black students -- such as the bully in the video -- may not be disciplined more severely than well-behaved white students. The liberal logic is that such disparity in discipline leads to disparate impact. That is, disciplining the bully in the video will impact her ability to acquire gainful employment in the future.

Be mindful that the government forces our children to attend schools. It no only fails to provide adequate security, but encourages violence at schools by forbidding discipline.

The victim who was attacked in this video is required by law to return for more of the same.

I call it "child abuse."

They call it "social justice."

What do you call it?

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Click on image to view video

The video, uploaded by at least two different Facebook users, shows a female throwing another female to the ground before repeatedly punching and kicking her.

The video was shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook in 24 hours.

It’s not clear what happened before the camera began recording, but the apparent attacker is heard yelling about her sister. The aggressor can be seen yanking the hair of the other person while cursing loudly numerous times.

The video shows a group of people — including small children — witnessing the fight.

24-Hour News 8 confirmed the location of the incident to be Thomas D. Gregg Elementary School on E. Michigan Street.

“There’s always fights on the weekends, every weekend,” said Crystal Molina, who lives nearby.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department cyber crimes detectives as well as IPS Police are investigating the fight, police and school officials said.

IPS believes the fight occurred on Saturday. The principal confirms that no Thomas D. Gregg Elementary School students were involved.

The administration is currently reviewing security footage in the area.

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Kenn vs The Amazing Atheist on black crime statistics.
Click on image to view video

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  1. Wow. 45 years of misery. Stopping it is racist. Noticing it is racist. Discussing it is racist. It never ends.

  2. Goes hand-in-hand with the devolution of Indy from a city that had a low crime rate to one of the more dangerous cities in the US, and from one of the more conservative metro areas in the US to one that voted for Obama, twice.

    1. Funny how voting for the supposedly caring and compassionate candidate almost always results in far more mayhem and social pathology than you would get with a conservative. Yet conservatives are derided for supposedly being dictatorial and indifferent to human suffering, while liberals are perceived as tolerant and open-minded and socially responsible. Go figure.