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August 10, 2015 -- Not all Muslims are terrorists, they say.

True. And not all Klansmen lynched black criminals.

That, however, never prevented historical revisionists from portraying white people as crazed racists who spent their evenings burning crosses in cornfields.

The point being: Islam is the most dangerous hate group in existence and has been for 1,400 years. To my knowledge, no other hate group has hacked a blogger to death because it objected to his opinions.

Still, the predatory left gives Islam a pass; even portraying the religion of hate as if it were just another oppressed proletariat minority.

Blogger Niloy Chatterjee, 40, was a secularist who thought Islam was out of touch with the times and with reality. Islam got in touch with Chatterjee and, when they were done touching him with their machetes there was not much left of the writer.

Granted, not all Muslims hack bloggers to death, toss homosexuals off tall buildings, strap suicide bombs to little girls, sell women in slave markets, go on shooting sprees at military recruiting centers, and fly packed airliners into skyscrapers.

Then, again, not all Klansmen lynched black criminals.

The hypocrisy is maddening.

The mainstream Marxist media will exaggerate historical white hate crimes while virtually ignoring the influx -- by the tens of thousands -- of members of the world's oldest and deadliest hate group.

Chatterjee was murdered in his Bangladesh home last week. He is the fourth blogger to be killed in that city by Klansters, er, uh, Muslims.

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Suspected Islamists heavily armed with machetes hacked a blogger to death in his home in Bangladesh today.

Niloy Chatterjee, 40, who used the pen-name Niloy Neel to promote secularism on his blog, was killed in his flat in the capital Dhaka, said police official Mustafizur Rahman.

He is the fourth online blogger, who openly criticised religious extremism, to be killed in Bangladesh in less than six months.

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