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August 6, 2015 -- The suspect in the murder of a Shreveport, La. area police officer has been captured.

Officer Thomas LaValley, 29, was gunned down while attempting to make an arrest inside a Shreveport residence.

Arrested for the murder is 27-year-old Grover D. Cannon.

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A massive manhunt for a suspected cop killer ended shortly before 3:30 p.m. with the arrest of the man Shreveport police identified earlier today as the suspect.

Grover D. Cannon, 27, of Shreveport is in custody in connection with the shooting death of Officer Thomas LaValley, 29, of Shreveport. Cannon is charged with first-degree murder.

He was arrested in the 3800 block of Jackson Street near where LaValley was killed Wednesday night. Droves of law enforcement officers have been going door-to-door over the past few hours in search of LaValley as they received tips directing them to his possible hideout.

Officers found Cannon drinking a beer in the garage behind a house. He was arrested without incident, Cpl. Marcus Hines said.

Cannon was transported to SPD headquarters for questioning before being booked into the jail on first-degree murder and unrelated charges of attempted second-degree murder and a domestic offense.

Cannon -- who has an extensive criminal record of mostly property crimes dating to 2004 -- was on SPD radar prior to today as he is a suspect in an unrelated July 15 shooting on Judson Street that left a man wounded.

Shreveport Police Chief Willie Shaw at a mid-morning news conference today offered some details about LaValley's death as he answered a report of a suspicious person at a Queensborough house.

LaValley, 29, was dispatched to a house in the 3500 block of Del Rio shortly before 9:15 p.m. People who had been in the house told the officer there was a man inside who might have a warrant out for his arrest.

LaValley, wearing a patrolman's uniform, went inside. An audio recording, described as gut-wrenching, tells of LaValley confronting the man, ordering him to show his hands and the man opening fire.

LaValley was shot multiple times, Shaw said. He died at University Health despite efforts to save him.

Details of what happened inside the house are under investigation, and Shaw did not provide specifics of what detectives had determined.

"He is nothing to me but a coward," Shaw said.

Court records show Cannon has an extensive arrest record dating to 2004 with convictions for possession of stolen things, burglary, possession of marijuana, flight from an officer, misdemeanor battery, trespassing, resisting an officer and felony theft. Cannon dropped out of school after the 8th grade.

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