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August 2, 2015 -- He is accused of beating a freelance writer in Central Park. The motive, they say, was robbery from which the attacker snatched one dollar from his victim.

In court this week Oscar Jiggetts affirmed in innocence and pulled his bright orange shirt over his head to hide his face.

The tactic didn't work as photographers snapped away.

“I don’t want to be photographed!” he shouted.

News people don't like to be yelled at.

Jiggetts' photo showed up in the New York Post.

He is accused of pummeling a helpless 26-year-old woman in Central Park last week.

The victim is Marianna Milkis-Edwards, a 26-year-old Russian immigrant.

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A freelance writer punched out in Central Park by a mugger who stole $1.60 from her, identified her attacker in a lineup Tuesday as a 55-year-old parolee who has spent most of life behind bars.

Marianna Milkis-Edwards, a 26-year-old from Russia, was sitting on a bench near W. 101st St. on July 15 — researching a story on places where New Yorkers can find solitude — when Oscar Jiggetts approached, she and cops said. The suspect pummeled her in the face and stole her money, two credit cards, Social Security card and driver’s permit.

She penned a first-person account for the Sunday Daily News.

After the article was published, someone found Milkis-Edwards' stolen ID in Harlem and recognized her name from The News

Police were called and detectives canvassed the area with a video surveillance photo of the attacker. They learned he was a regular customer at a local deli, sources said.

A deli worker recognized the photo and told detectives the suspect always paid with a card.

From the store’s payment records, police learned the suspect’s name and arrested him.

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  1. so he was in white shirt, not black. russian lady did not see many blacks in her life, all of them look alike to her. other thing- she said she wanted revenge or pay back. knowing russian woman they can spread anger and easily accuse innocent just to make herself feel happier. african could pick up wallet or credit card accidentally. i don't believe he is guilty. but russian lady may- by showing her finger to innocent guy. im not impressed by work of us police and judgment system at all