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August 4, 2015 -- Need fast cash? Order a pizza.

A rash of pizza drivers have been robbed in recent days.

The media profiles the suspects by gender and, sometimes, by age. They seldom profile the suspects by race.

• A Tulsa, Oklahoma pizza driver was robbed at gunpoint. Reports say the Domino's driver was making a delivery when an individual profiled as a male pointed a gun at his head. Another driver from another restaurant arrived with a delivery at the same address and called the cops. The crime occurred August 2, 2015. [source]

• A pizza driver in Austin, Texas was attacked with a metal baton. The thief made off with the driver's cash. Police arrested the suspect when they responded to a call reporting a male dragging a female by the hair through the street. The pizza bandit was a neighbor. The crime occurred July 31, 2015. The alleged criminal was profiled by gender (male) and age (21), but not by race. [source]

• A driver in Virginia was relieved of his cash and cell phone. Two armed individuals profiled by gender (males) but not by race approached the driver and ordered him to drop his pizza. The crime occurred July 30, 2015 in Newport News. [source]

• An Ohio Papa John's driver was shot dead in Columbus, Ohio July 30, 2015. James Flannery, 59, was lured to a fake delivery. Police found Flannery in his van with a fatal gunshot wound to the chest. His vehicle had crashed into a pole. Police called it a set-up because the house of the intended delivery was vacant. No description of the killer(s) was reported.  [source]

• In nearby Dayton, Ohio another Papa John's driver was robbed at gunpoint. Reports say the man was accosted when he attempted to deliver a pizza at a vacant house. A dark-skinned black male on a scooter approached the driver, said he didn't want money; just the pizza order. The driver gave the man the order and returned to the store to call police [source]

• A Connecticut pizza driver was assaulted and robbed July 30, 2015 after he was lured to a non-existent address. The Domino's driver was assaulted in Meridian as he was retrieving the pizza from his car's drunk to deliver to a man who flagged him down. The attacker was joined by two others who beat the driver to the pavement, then stole $60. The robbers were profiled by gender as 'males,' but not by race. [source]

• A California pizza driver was robbed July 26, 2015 Tuolumne County. The female driver said she was not injured. The woman was flagged down by a male who claimed to have ordered the pizza. After the woman exited her car, the thief snatched the keys from the ignition, stole her cell phone and grabbed her money bag that contained about $100. Police profiled the robber as a skinny, tattooed Latino. [source]

There were many other pizza driver robberies in recent days.

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