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August 12, 2015 -- An second individual has been arrested after the robbery and fatal stabbing of an elderly Las Vegas, Nev. woman.

84-year-old Mary Luebeck was killed during a home break-in. Reports say the victim was stabbed in the head, neck, and chest. Friends say Luebeck weighed about 95 pounds.

Arrested is Timothy Coleman, 31, and his wife Margarita Balandova, 28.

The crime occurred July 31, 2015 and was reported August 11, 2015.

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Friends remember a Las Vegas grandmother who was murdered in her own home.

Friends and family wonder if 84-year-old Mary Luebeck's favorite hobby led to her death. She was murdered in her own home and her killer is still on the loose.

Luebeck lived in a town home at the corner of Desert inn and Decatur in Spring Valley. Her home is just a couple miles away from her favorite gambling spot.

"She was just very exuberant. Talk, talk, talk, talk," said Michael Corta.

Luebeck was tiny. She weighed just 95 pounds. But she was a talker.

"She was just full of life. Very talkative. Very caring and giving. She was a lot of fun," Corta said.

Corta said Luebeck donated her time to those in need. He would join her and a group of volunteers to sew bears for Las Vegas Metro police officers to use to comfort kids.

"She would do almost anything for anybody as far as I was concerned," said Corta.

It is difficult for Corta to understand why anyone would want to murder Luebeck.

"He's coward or you're a coward or whomever did it as far as I'm concerned," he said.

There are remnants of the struggle inside Luebeck's home. Her backdoor was smashed in. There was glass all over the ground. The house itself, was locked up.

"She left (home) every other day or so on the handicap bus that picks her up," said one neighbor.

Luebeck loved to gamble.

"Mary liked to go the casinos. She went to the Orleans and the Gold Coast. Loved to play the slots," Corta said.

Corta is left wondering if Luebeck's trips to the casinos had any role in her death.

"That's probably what it was. Someone saw her with some money into her purse. Somebody saw her and followed her home," he said.

Corta has a message for the killers.

"I'd like to get the sucker and take care of him. Mary didn't deserve something like that," Corta said.

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