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July 13, 2015 -- Pardon me while I turn on the television and listen to Rev. Jackson sermonize about whites robbing blacks of their dignity.

The Gateway Pundit reports a disgusting Twitter post: A young black female posted a selfie in front of a black mob forcing a black male to perform oral sex.

The victim is seen with a gun pointed at his head.

Take note: These are the people we are trying to appease by tearing down Confederate flags and digging up Confederate heroes.

For those privileged white liberals safely sheltered in de facto Jim Crow neighborhoods: This is reality; not the nonsense you see in white-guilt movies. It explains why privileged white liberals self-segregate rather than immerse themselves in black urban culture; even after being subjected to hours of brainwashing in sensitivity training classes.

Wonder if The View will discuss this.

These are the people Obama wants to force into your neighborhood to satisfy his new interpretation of HUD regulations and civil rights laws.

Many black children have no father figure at home. Children are raised like pet dogs by welfare-dependent single mothers: They feed and bed their 'pets,' then turn them loose in the neighborhood to roam in packs.

If Obama had sons, they'd look like these guys.

Noticing the obvious is, of course, anathema. It will result in being falsely labeled a 'racist.'

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A photo surfaced on Twitter Thursday that shows a Black [male] being forced at gunpoint to perform oral sex on a group of young Black [males] in an alley.

A smiling young Black [female] is seen in the foreground of the photo in selfie position.

Behind the [female] in the narrow red-bricked alley, a Black [male] wearing a blue t-shirt can be seen on his knees, his back toward the camera, with his face in the crotch of a Black [male] standing over him. The [male] is wearing a white t-shirt and with his right hand is pointing a handgun at the [male] on the [male] kneeling before him. His left hand is in a controlling position on the back of the victim’s head. The rapist’s face can not been seen as he is looking backward to his fellow rapists.

The victim’s face can not be seen in the photo.

At least six other Black [males] can be seen crowded in behind the gunman. One standing on his right appears to be undoing his pants to be the next one to orally rape the victim.

On the left of the gunman is a man smiling and giving the finger to the camera.

The photo was tweeted by @jlconnell66 with the critical comments:

“Must be because of white racists. @jlconnell66 #BlackBrunch #BlackLivesMatter #blackliesmatter #BlackTwitter”

The photo itself is captioned:

“They Gotta Gun To They Opp’s Head. Making Him Suck They Dick”

The screen grab of the photo shows it was apparently posted by “Gorgeouss Kiaa”.

A Facebook account with the name “Gorgeouss Kiaa” matches the avatar seen in the post of the selfie of gang rape photo.

More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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  1. They're raping another man when there is a woman there, muh dik knows no boundaries.

  2. Typical of Obummers kids

  3. Boystown in Chicago has become infested with the creepiest types of black gays. Black transvestites roam the streets all hours of the night committing every type of crime. Their lewd behavior is absolutely obscene. Ever since they built the Center on Halsted for gay youth, it attracted the undertow and crime in Wrigleyville area soared.A relative works as a waitress in a nice restaurant near Boystown. When we pick her up after work the sights that we see are straight out of hell.People are getting mugged on a regular basis. Check out the site Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown for more information on what really goes on in the gay community.

  4. Barry would like to be getting in on some of this action... maybe he'll get some during his prison visit?

  5. What makes you think that reposting that so that poor boy has to relive it over and over and over again because you adult idiots keep reposting posting it over mass media? Explain to me how you posting that picture is going to bring justice to that boy with out hurting him as well. Explain that to me. Do you really think that people are gonna be able to tell who he is just because they can't see his face? They can see every other kid there. They can see his entire posterior view. Anybody that knows him very well just saw what happened to him because of your ignorance. You grown ass adults can spend so much time and effort posting stuff like this on the Internet, a photo of a child being taped, and call it awareness. You can't take that time to actually put in to figuring out who did it? I mean you're smart enough to use the Internet to post it. Why don't you try searching and figuring out who the heck those kids are instead of hurting that child even more. Was that your good deed for the day? Posting that for awareness to the society you accuse of causing it? Can you imagine that happening to you and then everybody posting it all over the Internet. You need to immediately delete this post and use your intelligence more adequately to figure out how to raise awareness and find justice for that child rather than attempting to disgrace his innocence in an even more vulgar manner than those other kids did to him by making it a permanent stigma over mass media. The society your do worried about scares me less than the society like you that reposts this as so called means to raise awareness. Any adult who posts that picture should be in jail right next to the parents of those children. You're no better. In fact you're worse. The next time you won't to raise awareness, don't harm others to do it. The next time you want to find justice, don't harm others to do it. The next time you want to post a picture of an innocent child being raped over mass media, just walk to the nearest jail and turn yourself in or go to church and repent and pray your eyes can open wider next time so that you may act with more grace and more thoughtful of the society you do live in.

  6. How are you better then anyone of them after ousting an image of a child being taped over mass media? Delete it. Think about him the one being raped that now gets to see it on the Internet over and over again. You should be in jail for posting child porn. I'm sure you are smarter than this, but instead you Seem worse than the society you complain of.

  7. I hate all of you racist. That is not an African American culture. It's never been gangster to indulge in a gay Act.