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July 8, 2015 -- Pardon me while I say, "I told you so!"

My foresight was not esoteric. Many predicted the same.

As government social engineers attempt to fudge the nation's crime statistics by reducing arrests of black criminals, they find themselves doing little more than exacerbating a generations-old volatile culture of violence.

That was made evident in Baltimore, Maryland this week.

The mayor fired the city's police commissioner.

Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts (photo above) was unceremoniously thrown under the proverbial bus by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

The reason? Murder rates are increasing.

When police are told to stand down in the face of violent black crime, violent black crime increases. The presumption that arresting fewer blacks will positively affect black crime statistics is insane.

• My conservative friends point to the liberal Democrats who lead high-crime rate areas such as Baltimore, Detroit, and St. Louis, then draw a false equivalent that liberal Democrats cause violent crime.

If that were true we would expect every area controlled by liberal Democrats to be rife with violent crime and those areas dominated by Republicans to be void of violence.

The state of Vermont, as well as most of New England, is dominated by left-wing extremists. Nonetheless, those areas enjoy low crime rates. The same is true in the states of Oregon and Washington.

Dixy Lee Ray, the last sane
governor of Washington
In fact the political climate of Washington state and Washington, D.C. are almost indistinguishable. The state of Washington hasn't seen the light of sanity since Dixy Lee Ray, a conservative Democrat, left the governor's mansion in 1981. How, then, do conservatives explain the disparity in violent crime between the two areas?

In 2013 Washington state recorded one of the lowest homicide rates in the nation: 2.3 murders per 100,000 residents.

The homicide rate in Washington, D.C. was 13.91 per 100,000 residents, six times greater than the state by the same name.

The cause and effect is obvious to those willing acknowledge reality: Crime rates are determined more by demographics than by Democrats.

• Indianapolis, Indiana, on the other hand, has long been in the grips of moderate Republicans. That city -- home of my birth -- is facing an ever-increasing crime rate that reflects its demographic morphing from white to black and Hispanic.

In 2014 there were 135 homicides in the Circle City, the third highest murder rate in its history. By mid-summer, 2015, there were 64 homicides in Indianapolis. The city is on track for an all-time high number of murders.

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard is a second term Republican.

That's not to say that all blacks are violent criminals or that all violent criminals are black. It is to note, in direct contradiction to the politically correct orthodoxy that conservatives embrace, that the violent crime that plagues Baltimore and Indianapolis is predictably genetic.

What's true in the United States is apparent internationally.

• Most are familiar with the appallingly high crime rates in sub-Saharan African nations. Few take note that the remaining handful of homogeneously white nations have relatively low violent crime rates.

There is a reason why wealthy Argentines and Brazilians prefer to vacation in Uruguay. It's not because they find the country's bland landscape appealing, nor are they attracted to the temperate but temperamental weather patterns.

South Americans prefer to vacation in Uruguay because worries of being carjacked, mugged, or otherwise victimized by violent crime is extremely low relative to other South American nations.

Uruguay is the only nation on the continent that is dominated by a white population. Nearly 91 percent of Uruguay's 3.3-million residents claimed European descent in the country's 2011 census.

The CIA's World Factbook claims 88 percent are white, eight percent are mestizo, and only four percent are black.

How do those demographics affect the nation's crime rate? says Uruguay has the lowest level of violent crime in Latin America outside Cuba.

It is also the most prosperous nation on the continent.

The Legatum Prosperity Index cited Uruguay as South America's most prosperous nation. The county's prosperity may be hampered by its generous social programs such as free education. It's utilities are owned by the government and free-market energy companies must compete with gas stations operated by the state-owned ANCAP (Administración Nacional de Combustibles, Alcoholes y Portland).

Likewise Uruguay's private healthcare providers must compete with the public health-care system.

To the chagrin of my fellow conservatives, the prosperity and low crime rate of Uruguay is unrelated to its left-leaning government. Keep in mind this was the nation whose government was ousted by Marxist guerrillas in 1973 who held the reins of power until 1985.

In short, Uruguay's economy would be considered socialist by most free-market Americans who blame high crime rates in Baltimore on liberal Democrats.

The end conclusion is the affirmation that demographics, not Democrats, are the primary cause of violent crime in Baltimore, Indianapolis, and abroad.

Until we acknowledge the real crime problem, we will never solve it.

• Let's summarize:

Black areas controlled by Democrats have high crime rates.
White areas controlled by Democrats have low crime rates.
Black areas controlled by Republicans have high crime rates.
White areas controlled by Republicans have low crime rates.

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  1. Everyone knows who the problem is, but if we say anything we get labeled racist for it.

  2. Uruguay's black population is much higher than 4%, in Uruguay "mestizo" refers to mulattoes, Amerindians or people with recent Indian blood are very rare aside from 1 region.

    Blacks in uruguay are about 12-15% of the population, and commit the same proportion of violence as American blacks. The reason they are not as feral as American blacks is because the ones in Uruguay have a lot more white ancestry and blacks have somewhat more respect for whites in Uruguay.

    Uruguay however, has a large Jewish population for its size. And like in the United States, the Jews in Uruguay (politicians, media, and Jewish NGOs) have been agitating them against whites. In Uruguay there was even a "Trayvon Martin" where blacks were coming out against white people, something that in Uruguay is completely unprecedented, and there's also a new affirmative action program in place.

    Here's footage from the Uruguay Trayvon Martin, and the Jews who organized this evil rally: