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July 10, 2015 -- A black male was video recorded at a New York City subway station sexually assaulting an unconscious white girl.

The girl and a friend were sleeping in the station when a black male unzipped his pants and ...

The video graphically illustrates why Jim Crow laws existed: To protect white people -- like the young woman in the video -- from black behavior.

It also demonstrates why privileged white people avoid black culture preferring, instead, to isolate themselves in the safety and security of de facto Jim Crow neighborhoods where they can pretend such behavior doesn't exist.

Furthermore, it demonstrates why Obama wants to control the Internet.

Such behavior would never be reported by the mainstream Marxist media. Cultural Marxism infects our minds with the myth that white Americans have historically oppressed black Americans when, in reality, the opposite is true.

If readers are aware of a white man similarly assaulting a black female in the past 200 years, please post a link in the comment section below.

Earlier this week the Obama administration stepped up efforts to use alleged housing discrimination as an excuse to force white communities to accommodate such perverts. Isolated white neighborhoods populated with privileged white liberals will be a thing of the past.

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More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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  1. Sexual assault is just negro foreplay.