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July 20, 2015 -- A mob of about sixty black youths roamed the streets of Charleston, South Carolina. The black pack randomly attacked white people without provocation.

Some would conclude the mob violence was a reaction to the murder of nine churchgoers in the city last month. The black pack attacks, however, occurred in April of this year and went largely unreported outside the local media [source].

More recently a black pack consisting of three male teens has been terrorizing Detroit's west side. News reports say the pack attacks couples, forces them to undress at gunpoint, then rapes the women while their male companions are forced to watch [source].

Two weeks ago a black pack of seven teens attacked a 68-year-old man in Norman Park, Georgia. Reports say the man was attacked after the mob ransacked his home, stealing electronic equipment and firearms. The elderly John Hester, Sr. was shot dead by a member of the mob using a gun stolen from victim's home [source].

In June a black pack of four high school students, all males, forced a mentally handicapped girl in a school closet and "forced the girl 'to perform oral, anal and vaginal sex acts' during the brutal encounter," one local news source reported. The attackers ranged in age from 15 to 18 [source].

Among the few black-pack attacks that gained national news coverage was the unprovoked beating of a young white man observing a July the Fourth celebration in the Fountain Square area of Cincinnati [source].

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Black packs often attack other blacks. Such was the case when a mob of black males was photographed forcing a male teen at gunpoint to perform disgusting sex acts in an ally [source].

In Wadesboro, North Carolina, a black pack of four teens allegedly beat a 53-year-old Phillip Burgess to death in broad daylight. That attack was reported by the local media July 11, 2015. The motive was robbery, reports say [source].

Volumes could be written documenting unprovoked black-pack attacks.

While the attacks seem to be increasing in frequency, they have been occurring for generations.

Among the earliest documented cases is one found in the autobiography of Abraham Lincoln who, at the age of 19, was attack by a black pack of seven males [source].

The proliferation of video devices -- such as cell phones -- and the advent of the Internet allow us to witness many black-pack attacks after they have been uploaded to social media or included in local news casts.

Earlier this month a mob of black teens was video recorded storming through a WalMart in Georgia. That act of mass vandalism was captured by cell phone videos and the store's security cameras [source].

Sociologists have little to say about the enduring black-pack-attack epidemic. It is the speculation of this author that the packs are comprised of youths who effectively raise themselves and to whom traditional family life is unknown.

In many cases welfare moms are impregnated by random fathers who are wholly absent from the lives of their offspring. The mothers provide little parenting beyond food and shelter; enough to avoid arrest for child neglect. The children are allowed to roam their neighborhoods without supervision where, like feral dogs, they form packs.

As adolescents without meaningful moral direction, the packs are innately driven to commit violent acts of crime.

A Chicago mom learned from experience the terror caused by black packs. Susan Peterson described dozens of 'teens' attacking her family while they sat in their car near the University of Chicago earlier this month. The black pack smashed the car's windows, causing shards of glass to cover her terrified children. Only two have been charged to date [source].

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