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July 1, 2015 -- After years of propagating the truth about black crime and black history, major media moguls -- such as Glenn Beck -- are finally picking up the facts and publishing them to a wide audience.

That was made evident this week when Glenn Beck published a story on Facebook that was introduced with this acknowledgment:

I stand with these churches! 30 % of lynchings in America were of white people. Whites that stood up for blacks.
Beck strongly insinuates that black victims of lynch mobs were killed because they were black. He also insinuate that white lynching victims were murdered because they sympathized with black victims.

In reality nearly all black and white lynching victims were killed because of the heinous and brutal crimes they committed. Race was not relative.

Lynch mobs bypassed the rule of law that guarantees a fair trial. Consequently, lynchings should be condemned.

While the white victims of lynching were largely criminals -- not martyrs for blacks -- the acknowledgement constitutes a major concession and punctures a hole in the fabric of the cultural Marxist fantasy that lynchings were exclusively white-on-black.

Glenn's spin -- that white lynching victims were killed for standing along side blacks -- is regrettable. Still, it remains that they can spin the facts but they can no longer deny them or pretend they don't exist!

Read Beck's Facebook post here ► 

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