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July 15, 2015 -- With General Lee parked discretely behind the opaque fence at the junk yard where it will offend no one, TV Land has opened the flood gates to the new normal: Homosexual characters in every new episode.

It's mandatory, nowadays.

The Jim Gaffigan Show premiers tonight. In spite of the sitcom star's legitimate Catholic moors, the show will feature a gay cast member. Played by Michael Ian Black, Daniel is the former boyfriend of the lead character's wife. Now gay, his function is friction to spice up the script, we suppose.

In an article published by, the real-life Gaffigan called the gay character the "mother-in-law surrogate."

Dukes of Hazzard was recently cancelled by the network because Southern culture -- the Confederate flag in particular -- is offensive to some viewers.

Gay characters are also offensive to some viewer, but it's a different 'some viewers'. And that difference makes all the difference.

• Another new TV Land program takes a stab at intentional inclination -- reforming the ventral prefrontal cortex to accept homosexuality as normal.

The program is called Impastor.

The lead character is a convict who adopted the identity of a gay pastor after the latter fell to his death, leaving his vehicle and personal identification for the former to abscond.

The Michael Rosenbaum character shows up at the now-deceased pastor's new church where -- apparently -- the parishioners didn't have the foresight to request a photo or even bother to interview their new minister before he showed up for the job.

The scenario is no more absurd than Gilligan's Island (where did Lovely get her wardrobe change?), but that's not the point.

The point is that homosexuality is the new normal and everything that reflect positively on Southern culture -- including Paula Deen -- is demonized and stigmatized by hate-filled bigots.

If you are one who believes homosexuality is normal and conservative Southerners are bigots, congratulations: You're brain has successfully been swiped and a new operating system installed.

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