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July 17, 2015 -- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was founded by a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy.

True or false?

The evidence of that contention is found in the fact that the religion's American founders were steeped in Masonic rituals that some insist are reflected in the church's dogma and practices today.

Among early prominent Mormons who were also Mason are Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, John C. Bennett, Hyrum Smith and Joseph Smith, Sr.

Before you read further, let's ask these important questions: Are the above statements true? Or am I spinning this out of whole cloth?

The answers to those questions are: You don't know.

To obtain the answers you must do diligent research and, with the aid of Google, should take no more than sixty seconds.

Let's continue.

According to LDS historian Reed Durham, Joseph Smith, Jr., the founder of the faith, was also entrenched in the Masonry. He joined in 1840.

Soon there were over 1,500 Mormon men who joined Freemasonry in the LDS outpost, Nauvoo, Illinois.

Church founder Joseph Smith rose rapidly in the Freemason organization, becoming a Master Mason in 1842. He was soon endowed with the sublime 'third-degree mason' status by Grand Master Jonas of the Grand Lodge of Illinois.

To this day many male members of the LDS are members of Freemasonry.

Do you believe it? Or am I concocting nonsense?

While early leaders of the church were steeped in masonry, virtually none were Jews.

The Jewish connection arises when we consider the purpose of forming the LDS was to undermine America's traditional Christian moorings. Joseph Smith was handsomely paid to play his role in the conspiracy. That fact is discretely revealed in the tale of the golden tablets which became the foundation the Book of Mormon.

In short, Mormons are wayward Christians who sold out to Jewish manipulators. The motive behind the conspiracy was an effort to splinter the homogeneous nature of American Christianity that threatened Jewish economic interests.

European Jews were accustomed to playing Catholics against Protestants (and vise versa) in Europe, profiting substantially from the ongoing religious infighting. In America no such religious contention existed (thanks to colonist Roger Williams) leaving Jews vulnerable to a united front of Christian opposition and depriving them of the cash rewards earned as religious groups fought each other. Not since the American Revolution had the Jewish money changers been able profit from usury earned from funding opposing sides.

Is the above true? Or is it a concoction of my imagination?

Today we see evidence of Masonry's influence impressed upon us by fore-thinking founders who discretely added Masonic imagery through the nation's capitol. Pierre "Peter" Charles L'Enfant, being a Jew, was careful to layout the notorious Star of David when the noted civil engineer designed the street plans for Washington, D.C.

The evidence should be obvious to any objective American willing to open his or her eyes and examine the evidence.

There is a problem, however. Much of what I wrote above is balderdash (a polite term for 'crap'), beginning with the statement that L'Enfant was a Jew when, in fact, he was not.

Without due diligence many would read the above and accept it at face value.

Why? Because much of my musings are supported by empirical evidence and the nonsense could be true, leaving readers the burden of proving false positives are, in fact, false. (Can you prove the LDS wasn't a Jewish conspiracy? Can anyone provide evidence that Smith wasn't paid handsomely for his participation?)

By appealing to pre-existing biases, it is rather easy to sway the thinking of others.

If the reader already had an anti-Jewish sentiments, the pieces logically snap in place. It's a simple matter of "adding two-and-two," as they say. They then wonder how the rest of us could be so blind as to miss what is obvious to them.

Here's the syllogism:

By combining two true positives, (a) many LDS members are also Freemasons and (b) Jews and others tend to exert their influence through affinity groups, we can create a nonsensical false positive (c) the LDS is a Jewish conspiracy.

The crux of the matter is the human mind is genetically configured to believe most anything, depending on how it is presented.

The answer is "false." The LDS church is not a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy.

A real-life case in point takes us to a gathering of white folks in 2014 where a seminar was presented, complete with visuals, convincing gullible attendees that our nation was founded on faulty principles and, as such, should be relegated to the "dust bin" of history.

According to the presenter, the United States of America was founded by a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy.

No evidence was provided. but the 100 or so attendees were enraptured by the grand illusion and, sad to say, some swallowed the nonsense without a hint of genuine skeptical evaluation. Their occasional applause betrays their gullibility.

Here are the facts:

• Nine of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were known to be Masons, or about sixteen percent. That's far fewer than the number of early Mormons who belonged to the organization.

None were Jews; the exact number of early Mormons who were Jews barring some overlooked bit of history.

All were white, though some may have had trace Indian ancestry.

• Of the 39 men who signed the U.S. Constitution, thirteen were known Masons. That's about 33 percent. Again, a smaller number than that of early Mormons.

None were Jews. All were white.

• It has also been demonstrated that 33 of the 74 men commissioned by George Washington to serve as Generals in the Continental Army (1775 through 1783) were Masons. That's about 46 percent.

Again, all were white; none were Jews.

• It should also be noted that virtually all Americans in the late 18th century subscribed to some form of Christianity. The speaker at the afore mentioned seminar contended that American Christianity was not real Christianity. Greek Orthodoxy, he believes, is the real thing. That smacks of Malcolm X convincing hordes of black Americans that Islam is the ideal replacement from traditional Christianity.

It also smacks of cultism.

Where is the empirical evidence? There is none.

There is nothing but a charismatic personality with a lunatic's mind and those gullible enough to believe him; nothing but a presentation with enough truth to lend credibility and an appeal to those who are already predisposed to believe nonsense.

Let's tweak the syllogism.

By combining two true positives, (a) some founders were also Freemasons and (b) Jews and others tend to exert their influence through affinity groups, we can create a nonsensical false positive (c) the USA was founded by a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy.

Correct answer? False. Like the LDS, the USA was not founded by a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy.

The outcome will be devastating.

When the leader of the new cult manages to insert himself in the center of the media spotlight, the entire movement is at risk. We all look like idiots. The movement is dismissed by rational Americans as utter nonsense and the endgame is counter productive. Those imagining they are contending for Western culture by propagating such nonsense are, in fact, fighting against Western culture.

The United States of America was founded as a Christian nation by white guys. The United States Constitution is the crowning achievement of Western culture.

Again, what appears to be a defense of Western culture is, in reality, an attack on its core values. More specifically, an attack on the U.S. Constitution is an attack on Western culture. To presume the brilliant minds who formed our republic were puppets of an imagined Jewish-Masonic conspiracy is anathema to those who think clearly and objectively. To contend that America should be consigned to the trash bin of history is not only treason to our nation, it is treason to our culture. To encourage white people to join Hezbollah is to directly support those who are invading our nations worldwide. It is treachery in its most vile form.

• He believes that Islam is correct in killing Americans. That view is justified because America, he teaches, is the product of a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy.

• He believes that we should be fighting with Hezbollah, not against it.

• He advocates an "organic hierarchy" that would replace Western culture's crowning achievement with a monarchy. Seriously. He believes that and teaches it.

I don't know about you, but I find returning to the lifestyle of a peasant to be unappealing. I also find returning to the centuries of European kings slaughtering millions to be uncomfortable. Consider the Harrying of the North by William the Conqueror in Britain as one of hundreds of examples.

If the movement to restore and protect Western culture is to succeed, we must be vigilant in marking those who cause division, and avoid them. (See Romans 16:17-18).

Why would we applaud the cult leader because he is fighting the bad guys when, in reality, he is the bad guy.

Before you drink the Kool-Aid, be sure to check the contents.

It may be laced with arsenic.

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