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July 25, 2015 -- You may be wondering why we post such videos as the one you see below.

The reason is simple:

The most effective and efficient means of deprogramming minds infected with the cultural Marxism virus is to expose those minds to reality.

• What you see in this video -- and many others like it -- is the frustration intelligent black Americans deal with everyday. White liberals pretend to care. Few actually do care.

• Privileged white liberals almost never load up a U-Haul and move into these neighborhoods where they can redistribute their privilege. The prefer to live in the safety and security of insular white neighborhoods, far removed from the harsh reality of urban living.

From their isolation they feign compassion and immerse their twisted mind in manufactured musings that, somehow, they are morally superior to those who face reality.

• They say it takes a village to raise a child. Note the child in this video. She is being raised by example by the village. Do you honestly believe privileged white liberals care about her?

• You will never see the scene in this video -- and thousands like it -- in the myriad of white-guilt movies and television programs. Have you ever wondered why the media is so adamant in hiding the truth? Did you see Oprah's The Butler? Does the reality you witness in this video 'jive' with the screenplay the actors portrayed in that movie?

• Those of us who relay reality are ofttimes condemned as 'racists.' Ponder this question: How is exposing your mind to reality racism?

Reality is what it is. We accept it or reject it.

There is no moral equivalency in denial. Ignoring the truth and displacing it with a myth concocted by the predatory left does not make you a better person. Rather, it makes you a brainwashed zombie.

• Meanwhile, the predatory left tears down Confederate flags and digs up Confederate heroes to appease the individuals you see in this video. They call it 'social justice.'

• There is certainly nothing wrong with helping people in need. There is no vice in providing educational opportunities. There is no reason not to extend compassion to the little children seen in the video.

There is something wrong -- something very wrong -- with denying reality. We cannot cure an illness until we admit it exists.

Notice there is not one single white liberal in the video. Not one!

• Share this post on social media. Help us deprogram minds infected with cultural Marxism.

After all, a mind is a terrible thing ...

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