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July 20, 2015 -- A 13-month-old victim of Chicago's gangata violence was laid to rest Saturday.

Dillan Harris was killed after a minor-league rapper was gunned down in Chicago. The thug fleeing a crime scene ran over the child as he sat in his stroller. It's a crime for which the predatory left refuses to assume responsibility.

Black Americans are taught by the predatory left they are victims of white privilege and, as such, are not responsible for their actions, including violent crime.

The culture of victimhood in the black community inflames the crime culture.

Had Antoine Watkins been taught to appreciate the privilege of living in a Western culture nation, his life's trajectory may have taken a different course. Watkins is accused of killing the little boy.

So-called "progressives" should considered themselves complicit in the death of Dillan, as well as every other black life lost by violent crime. The predatory left projects its guilt on everything from gun violence to white privilege to America's "racist" past when, in reality, much of the crime culture that destroys black lives in urban areas is fueled and fostered by the culture of victimhood created by the left.

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Dillan Harris was buried Saturday in a tiny white coffin.

The 13-month-old wore a white suit as his family celebrated his short life.

A week after little Dillan was run-down by a man fleeing a South Shore shooting, about 500 family, friends and loved ones gathered at Gatling’s Chapel on the city’s South Side.

They wept as they viewed the baby’s body, unable to comprehend why the smiley baby became an innocent victim of Chicago’s violence. A nurse was on hand to make sure people weren’t overcome.

Though he wasn’t killed in a shooting, Dillan, known as “Dill Pickle,” was run over as he sat in his stroller, waiting with his family to head to the beach.

Authorities allege Antoine Watkins was driving a car that was fleeing a fatal shooting in the 7700 block of South Kingston that claimed the life of 22-year-old rapper Marvin “Capo” Carr. Watkins has been charged with murder in Dillan’s death.

Dillan’s parents, grandparents, siblings and a host of uncles, aunts and cousins sat in the front rows, most wearing white. They did not speak during the service but wrote in the funeral program, which was decorated with Mickey Mouse: “Baby Dillan will forever be in our hearts.”

“The hurt. Oh Lord, the hurt. I know of no hurt like that of a child taken in death,” the Rev. Neil Redd told mourners, adding: “Only the Lord knows why he would take a child. He may or he may not give a reason to us. Don’t be angry with God. It hurts so bad because we don’t understand.”

“Why he would choose to allow this to happen? He knows the purpose.”

In the impassioned eulogy, Redd quoted heavily from scripture and electrified the crowd when he said: “When babies die, they go straight to heaven. Hallelujah!”

The pastor said he called the baby, “Deacon Dillan” as the baby was attentive in church and showed a wisdom beyond his years.

“When I first met the boy — when he came into this world —I looked into his eyes and we just shared a bond right away,” Redd said.  “Such joy he brought into our lives. Every time you saw him he was smiling.”

And though the service was focused on the baby’s religious salvation, the pastor ended his eulogy by calling attention to the senseless violence.

“If one act of violence can cause this type of love in this place for these families,” Redd said, “think of what this love can do for the city of Chicago.”

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